July 14, 2012

Amazing Game Sold Alex Laris Manis

Rovio's latest game, Amazing Alex instantly become one of the games that are sought after in cyberspace. Though the game had just rolled in the Apple App Store and Google Play on Thursday. No wonder so many parties who consider that this game will be the next Angry Birds.

In the Apple App Store, games that told about a creative boy named Alex became a best selling in several countries. For the iPhone version that sells for 0.99 USD, this game is crowned the best selling iPhone app was lacking in 35 countries. As for the HD version for iPad which sold for $ 2.99 USD gained a standing ovation in 50 countries.

This game itself is actually not the original creations of Rovio. This game they got from a developer last game in 2011. And, by adding a few changes, they also launched Play this game to Google and Apple App Store.