July 6, 2012

Apparently Apple's App Store is also Infected by Trojan Viruses

Malware was not only found on Google's Android application store Play. Apple App Store was apparently contracted the virus. It is fairly rare, while for Google Play, this is probably already quite common. Due to the discovery of dangerous viruses are carried by security researchers at the site.

This was disclosed by security researchers from Kaspersky. In addition to finding personal data stealing trojan virus on Apple App Store, the researchers also found the same virus at Google Play Store.

Is an application called Find and Call which is an application with a Trojan virus in it. This application is a virtual phonebook that works to find a contact number and make calls.

According to Kaspersky, after the application is installed, the program will prompt mobile phone users to register by entering a phone number and email address. And, after the data are filled in full, then all the contact numbers on the handphone suddenly be uploaded secretly to a remote server.

Have not quite got there. This application is also able to capture GPS coordinates. And, most damaging, this malware application will send an SMS spamming to the contact numbers in your phone.

Even to make sure mobile phone users, the application maker also has an official website. And, like the application, this website also has a dangerous trap. You will be prompted to enter email, social networking account and PayPal account. Of course this led to the theft of money from your PayPal account.

Google and Apple have announced the existence of the application. And they appealed to the Android and iPhone mobile phone users to be careful in downloading an application.