July 6, 2012

Element Black Cyclone, Unique Gaming Mouse with External Fan

Technology-Portfolio.Net - A gaming mouse with unique design has just raised by Thermaltake. Mouse is a mouse labeled Cyclone Black Element is equipped with an external fan.

With the unique design, this mouse is expected to attract interest in the game lovers. In addition, the presence of an external fan will increasingly make good gamers. Especially if he's playing games, not infrequently hands will feel hot. But not if you wear this one gaming mouse. The fan on the mouse has a size of 30 mm. This fan was not noisy so it will not interfere with your gaming activity. With speeds of 6,000 rpm, this fan can relieve hot at hand.

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Mouse is equipped with a 6500 dpi sensor. Mouse that is claimed to be the first mouse with an additional fan has a choice of five colors. Of red, blue, cyan, green and purple. You can remove the fan if it was too disturbing. Unfortunately, the producers still have not raised the price of this unique mouse. We wait for further news.