July 16, 2012

Game Metal Slug 3 Now Available for Android OS and IOS, Price U.S. $ 6.99

For the lovers of the game you must be familiar with Metal Slug game. Game that currently has three different versions are now rumored to be available for Android OS-based car platform and IOS.

Game Metal Slug Android and IOS version comes with a variety of features that will make gamers more comfortable playing this game on their mobile phones. Metal Slug 3 for the present version of the IOS and Android Arcade Mode and Mission Mode can be selected by the players.

This game still relies on the ease of play and a fine balance to attract game enthusiasts. You can also run missions together with your friends via two different mobile devices via Bluetooth connection.

Metal Slug games are available in the IOS and Android a price of U.S. $ 6.99. For your mobile users with OS Windows Phone, please be patient just yes ...