July 13, 2012

Impulse, the Mini Game Controller Is Not Lost

Using a game controller that relatively large size will of course be difficult for you when I have to take him out of the house. But, when you switch to using a small game controller, you will be confronted with the fact that the game controllers are small usually easily lost, although of course, use the small game controller is practical and easy.

Tapi, dengan menggunakan kontroler game iMpulse dari Black Powder Media (BPM), dijamin anda tidak akan kehilangan kontroler game kecil lagi. Karena kontroler game ini dilengkapi dengan lubang untuk menyelipkan tali gantungan ataupun kunci.

Masih kurang atau masih takut hilang??? Jangan khawatir, karena iMpulse juga dibekali dengan aplikasi khusus bawaannya yang akan membuat smartphone Anda dapat mengaktifkan iMpulse untuk mengeluarkan suara sehingga mudah ditemukan.

Design of the same impulse as the other game controllers, there are four buttons on the right and a thumstick. For charging the battery, simply connect to your computer iMpule or USB charger.

impulse to connect with mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android devices via Bluetooth connection and up to now can be used to control more than 100 games.

This mini game controller will be available in late 2012 at a price low enough, which is about US19, 99 only.