July 2, 2012

ISeedYou, Stay Smart Similar Applications Samsung Galaxy S3 on Google Can be Downloaded Free Play Store

One of the premium features in addition to having the Samsung Galaxy S3 S-Stay Smart Voice is a feature that could make the phone display remains visible during the active users watched, though not touched.

Now, those of you who do not have the Samsung Galaxy S3 can enjoy these features by utilizing a free application that can be downloaded at Google Play Store. 

ISeeYou application called Android is an application with the same functionality with Smart Stay, namely to make the screen active while you keep staring at the phone.

This application works with the help of a front camera embedded in your Android phone. During your eyes looking at the phone screen, the screen will not turn off automatically. This is of course useful when you're reading e-book or a page on the website long enough. 

Unfortunately, this application is enough to drain your phone battery. But do not worry, you can buy the PRO version is reportedly more efficient batteries and can give us the flexibility to adjust how often the application will detect the face.