July 2, 2012

Lock APP, Application for Securing an Existing Application in Android

Security a aplikasli in your Android phone is certainly a very important thing. And to secure it all, there is now an application called APP Lock. APP Lock will protect all of your application by entering a number or passcode lockscreen style pattern.

Once you've downloaded and installed this application, then you will be prompted to select a passcode or pattern to open the Lock APP and other applications. 

The main screen on this application will be a list of applications you have installed the Android phone. For applications that have the potential gives a chance to have a private or sensitive information, you can simply switch to make it automatically protected by the APP Lock.

Many important applications that you need a key, such as Email, Facebook, Gallery, Google + or Messenger. For those of you who prefer the double protection, Lock APP has the option to lock each application manually.

Other features are also presented in the APP Lock is the install / uninstall other applications, phone calls and repetition passcode option. If you are interested in protecting your application, please download free APP Lock Google Play Store