July 12, 2012

Lunatik tactics, Tough iPhone Case with Gorilla Glass Coatings

IPhone Case is tough and strong you are fond of traveling and challenges in the wild is usually thick and large-sized, making it hard to grasp. But, if you use tactics developed by Lunatik Kickstarter and Lunatik, guaranteed you will feel comfortable when holding your iPhone.

Lunatik tactic comes with a rubber coating that will make this case more comfortable in the hand grip. This case protects your iPhone from the front, Tengan, left and right side and rear.

Shockproof suspension tactic that has silicone Impact Truss 9mm wide perimeter that has been compressed between two layers of polymer Ballistik. To protect the front, comes with Gorilla Glass tactics and equipped with a waterproof lining to protect your iPhone from splashes or seepage water.

Layer consists of silicon truss case that will keep the iPhone perfectly. You do not have to worry about the camera on your iPhone will not work because Case has been designed in such a way that you can still capture the important moments with great ease. This case can be paired to the iPhone via a small screw so that this case will not be easily separated.