July 11, 2012

Samsung Launches Series 5 Ultrathin Laptop with AMD Processor A6 Trinity in Indonesia

With the size of the super-thin laptop seems to be the latest electronic trends. If Apple had a Macbook, Intel with Ultrabook then AMD has a similar produks Ultrathin labeled. And, recently launched Ultrathin Samsung Series 5 in Indonesia.

Samsung's laptop is a laptop Ultrathin first to use AMD processors A6 Trinity. This laptop is actually already visited several other countries. But the popularity of this laptop is not able to compete Ultrabook and MacBook.

Ultrathin Samsung offers a screen size of 13.3 inches and is equipped with Anti-Reflective SuperBright technology. Similarly, the Ultrabook and MacBook, Ultrathin was performed with a small dimension. The maximum thickness of only 17.6 mm Ultrathin 1:52 kg weight.

Samsung laptop with a serial number 535U3C using AMD dual core processor with a speed A6 4465M 2.1 GHz. In it there is also a VGA Radeon HD 7500, 4GB DDR3 RAM plus hard disk with a capacity of 500 GB. Ultrathin it was claimed to have high efficiency. With 4-cellnya battery, it is said Ultrathin can last up to 6 hours.

Regarding the price, the laptop is priced cheaper than the MacBook or Ultrabook is pegged to the price range of Rp 10 million. Ultrathin from Samsung is priced Rp.6.8 million. In addition, there is also a series 535U4C which has a 14-inch quad-core processors AMD A8.