Scalado Photo Beamer, IOS Application for Photo Slide Show Screen Simultaneously in Many

Scalado again presents an application that is still associated with the images for IOS devices, having previously made ​​an application that can remove Remove objects that do not want to appear in a photograph, now Scalado PhotoBeamer released an application that allows users to display a photo slideshow or display on another screen .

Scalado Scalado imaging technologies PhotoBeamer which previously had been patented. How to use this application is quite easy, the user can point his camera IOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad) toward any screen that has a browser and a web browser will display the barcode from the site

Users do not need to register or any setting in the photobeamer site. users can also use the device with an operating system other than IOS. To use it, of course, users need an internet connection is adequate. If you are curious about this one IOS application, please download it by paying $ 0.99 in iTunes.