July 2, 2012

Whisp, Application or Plugin to Voice Messages Left On Social Networking

Aranda instinct, Miquel Las Heras, Joan Casas and Miquel Puig of Barcelona School of Informatics UPC has developed an application (plug-in) that allows users to leave voice messages on your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Plug-in application called uWhisp can be installed easily on your browser. once installed, the application will automatically be displayed on Facebook or Twitter. The developers explained that any voice message sent will be stored as audio files used on social networking.

 In addition, uWhisp allows you to play back voice messages received or sent someone else next time to ensure no errors in the voice message is sent.

unfortunately, if the recipient does not have the appropriate extension, then the link will lead to a website UWHISP, in tersebutlah website users can listen to the message sent. If you're curious to try this application, please visit the website uWhisp.