October 13, 2012

Apple iPad Mini will be Released October 23?

A word about the launch of Apple's new iPad, the iPad mini, emerged from AllThingD. Technology site revealed that Apple will launch the latest generation of iPad on 23 October.

The information obtained by the public about the existence of this one iOS device is still minimal. Earlier, rumors say that this mini iPad will have a screen size of 7.85 inches and Lightning connectors, such as the iPhone 5. In addition, other rumors also mention that the tablet will also only be equipped with WiFi connectivity, no 3G support.

However, the concern of course is the price. As is known, the data card from Apple is mostly sold to upper middle class. And what about the iPad mini? Is Apple going menual device for the middle to lower?

October 23 The timing is certainly interesting enough. As is known, on October 26, Microsoft will officially launch Windows 8 OS, and of course also coupled with Microsoft Surface product.