October 11, 2012

Baxter, Smart Robot That Can Learn New Things within less than 30 Minutes

A company called Rethink Robotics has created a robot that can be used for various purposes. The robot is a robot named Baxter.

The robot is equipped with the ability to learn very quickly. And, to provide training on robot is also very easy. The company claims that do not need to be an expert to be able to teach the robot is a new thing.

Rethink party said that this robot has high adaptability skills. Thanks to these capabilities, the robot is able to adapt itself to various types of environments.

In fact the company claims that the robot is very easy to acquire a new capability. To learn a new thing, robot Baxter takes less than 30 minutes.

In addition to having the ease of learning new things, the robot is also sold at a price that is not too expensive. A company can acquire robot is priced at $ 22,000 USD and goes on sale in October.