October 11, 2012

Bero, Tiny Robot Can Be Controlled by Using Smartphone

DeskPets Tankbo working with WOWWEE Robopanda managed to create a cute robot named Bero (Be the Robot). This robot is a small robot that uses a 4-inch motors.

Ideally a robot, you can control the movement of these fallow with an app on your Android or iOS device. The workings of this robot using Bluetooth as a means of connecting. In addition, the robot is also equipped with an amplifier and a speaker that allows it to be used as a loudspeaker.

The developer sells robots with different prices, depending on how many donations you give Kickstarter project of the robot. The most inexpensive, you can get it for $ 35 USD Bero. Bero is the cheapest robot does not have the function of a robot. You can only use to decorate tables bero or a Bluetooth speaker.

As for the second version which sells for $ 79 USD, you will get Bero with more functions. The robot will be controlled via Bluetooth, play music via the SD card slot and comes with 2 LEDs that act as 'eyes'. And, for a more expensive version, you will get Bero robot that can move the arms, head and waist. There are also infrared-based navigation system that avoids bumping into objects while the robot moves.