August 28, 2018

5 Cellphones With Unique Shapes In The World

5 Cellphones With Unique Shapes In The World

TECHNOLOGY-PORTFOLIO.NET - Before the smartphone's average form resembled even exactly one another, some cellphone manufacturers some time ago apparently had a unique idea in working on their products.

The model is diverse and not infrequently makes the head shake because of its strange shape.

If you don't believe that before a smartphone becomes a trend like today, there are strange cellphones, here are five of them.

1. The Golden Buddha Phone (2009)

Carrying a powder-like shape, this cellphone seems to be one of the most expensive old mobile phones in China.

This cellphone is made with jade, pearl powder varnish, and 24 carat gold. Thus, the price is estimated to reach US $ 1750.
The Golden Buddha Phone

2. Haier P7 Pen Phone (2004)

Is there anyone who wants a cellphone with the ability to write on paper? Maybe you can see this one strange device, Haier Pen Phone.

Compared to other ordinary ballpoints, Haier Pen Phone can be used to make calls, send short messages, and various other things.

This phone is not a device that is successful on the market, but you could say it is a cellphone with the most unique form.

3. Monohm Runcible (2015)

The Monohm Runcible cellphone is circular, like a pocket watch. This unique phone has a screen on the front, a camera on the back, and a series of features that its users want.

4. Nokia 7280 (2004)

Nokia 7280 is one of the phones with a unique form that Nokia has ever made.

This phone is in the form of a beam, with a small screen and a navigation button below the screen.

Although unique, this model actually belongs to Nokia's "Fashion Phone" line. Therefore, the color pattern is also different from most cellphones.

So small and concise, maybe until now there are still those who are curious about how to operate the Nokia 7280.

5. Motorola V70 (2002)

15 years ago, Motorola released a cellphone with a unique and strange shape.

At that time, this phone was priced quite expensive, ie US $ 400.

This phone supports GPRS connection so that users can access the internet, even though it is very limited.

The uniqueness of this phone is that the screen is round and the keypad cover can be rotated 360 degrees.

What do you think, the forms of the phones above are unique, right? In addition to the models above, are there more phones that you think are unique?