August 6, 2018

How to Hide "Online" Status on Instagram

How to Hide "Online" Status on Instagram

TECHNOLOGY-PORTFOLIO.NET - Instagram some time ago has released an online marker feature, just like what can be found on Facebook Messenger. The sign in the form of a green dot appears on the right side of the user's profile photo in the direct message option.

This sign is actually released to increase interaction between users on Instagram. Unfortunately this sign is often considered to interfere with the privacy of users who do not want to be known that he is on the move on Instagram.

So is there a way to hide the online status?

Of course there is and the method is very easy. You can turn off the sign via the settings menu.

You must enter your Instagram profile, then tap the three-point mark in the top right corner. This button will take you to the settings menu.

On the menu scroll the options to the bottom and you will see the "Privacy and security" submenu. In this sub menu there will be a choice of "Activity Status".

In this option there will be a button that functions to turn on or turn off the online marker feature. If it is turned off, then the time information when the last time the user is online will also off.

How to Hide "Online" Status on Instagram

But keep in mind, if you turn off this feature it means you also won't be able to see the online status of the people you follow. Even so, if you feel this online sign is disturbing privacy, there is nothing wrong if it's turned off.