October 14, 2018

Facebook Messenger Will Be Able To Delete Messages That Have Been Sent

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

TECHNOLOGY-PORTFOLIO.NET - Facebook will add a new feature that allows users to recall messages sent via Messenger. This certainly will make Messenger more attractive in the eyes of its users.

This feature is actually similar to what WhatsApp was released in 2017. Through a feature called "Unsend" users will be able to delete messages sent on both sides from both the sender and recipient side.

This unsend feature was first known by Jane Machun Wong, a Twitter user with an @wongjane account. Through his Twitter account he uploaded a screenshot showing the existence of the feature.

Facebook Messenger

"Facebook Messenger finally made a feature of 'unsend message' for everyone!" Said Jane.

According to Jane's statement, users will be allowed to delete messages sent if they have passed a certain period of time.

Even so, there is no mention of the minimum period of time so the message can be deleted.

Where, this feature has not been officially released for all Messenger users in the world. The reason is we have tried to find this feature from several different accounts and still have not seen its existence.

Facebook itself has not commented on this finding. But 6 months ago, Facebook announced that it would present this feature to Messenger even though it didn't explain when the exact date was.

The "unsend" feature has actually been present first in the WhatsApp instant messaging application. Messages sent can be deleted through the delete for everyone option.

Previously, Facebook was also known to be testing the voice command feature on Messenger. Through this feature users can interact with a virtual assistant named M that appears in the conversation list.

Facebook is also trying various new features besides this. There are Aloha features, IGTV-like video platforms, History and map features, and Augmented Reality features.