Oct 20, 2020

7 Website Places To Check Internet Speed

7 Website Places To Check Internet Speed

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Fast internet is a basic requirement in this day and age. Fast internet is needed in all walks of life, from the teaching and learning process, job needs, to entertainment needs such as streaming movies or playing online games.

How do I test internet speed? Use the 7 websites below to find out. Let's try!

1. FAST.com
FAST.com is a website that can provide an estimate of your current internet speed. FAST.com's main focus is download speed as this is the most relevant thing for people enjoying content on the internet.

It's very easy to find out, just go to https://fast.com then this site will automatically calculate your internet speed. FAST.com can test internet speed globally on any device, from mobile phones to laptops to smart TVs with a browser.

If you click the "Show more info" button, you can see the upload speed and connection latency (ping). If your internet speed is lower than what your internet service provider (ISP) or internet service provider promises, then you should ask them.

2. SpeedOf.Me
The official website explains that SpeedOf.Me was born in December 2011. At that time, the developer made the first HTML5 broadband speed test. SpeedOf.Me is designed to work on all browsers that support HTML5, from iPhone, Android and Windows devices, as well as desktop browsers.

To test your internet speed, just go to https://speedof.me and wait a few moments. The advantage is, you don't need to use Flash / Java, just use HTML5 technology. SpeedOf.Me also has a high degree of accuracy and can be run without installing any application.

3. HighSpeedInternet.com
HighSpeedInternet.com is a website to test internet speed. To be accurate, they recommend testing 3-4 times. There's no need to download or install anything, just visit https://www.highspeedinternet.com/tools/speed-test and click "Start Speed Test".

After that, HighSpeedInternet.com will automatically calculate the average download and upload speed. On the same page, the latency, internet provider name, IP address, and server location will also appear. Easy, fast and practical!

4. Speed.io
Speed.io is a modern DSL speed test for analyzing broadband internet access. Speed.io has nearly 5000 servers worldwide. This website will test your download speed, upload speed, maximum number of connections per minute, and ping (response time between your computer and the internet).

All tests are performed in the browser via HTTP (TCP), without installing software. The trick is to click https://www.speed.io and wait a moment. The results will appear a few moments later. It's easy, right?

5. METER.net
First established in 2001 under the zacatek.cz domain and is addressed at https://www.zacatek.cz/web/rychlost. Then, in 2004 it has its own domain and is addressed at Rychlost.cz. In 2005 it changed the address to Bandwidth-test.net and changed again to https://Meter.net in 2014.

Just like other websites, to test internet speed simply click "Start test". Then, the results will appear in seconds. For more detailed results, click "Shows Detail of This Test".

6. SpeedCheck.org
With SpeedCheck, you can test your internet speed accurately and automatically. Devices that can be tested are cellphones, tablets, and computers, via a browser available on each device. To display accurate results on mobile devices, it is recommended to download the app which is available for both iOS and Android.

Why is that? This is because the browser on mobile devices has poor performance. For the results, you can find out the download and upload speeds, as well as the latency, IP address, and provider used. You can access it via a browser by visiting https://www.speedcheck.org.

7. AT&T Speed Test
Who doesn't know AT&T? It is the largest telecommunications company in the world as well as the largest cellular telephone service provider in the United States through AT&T Communications.

To test internet speed, simply visit https://www.att.com/support/speedtest and click the "Start" button. In a moment, the results will come out. You can find out the speed of download, upload, and ping and jitter data. Internet speed test on the AT&T website provided by Ookla, LLC.

Well, that's 7 ways to test internet speed via a website. Simple, practical, and free of charge.