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Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Technology-Portfolio.Net - After Chinese asked Apple to remove WhatsApp and Threads from the App Store, now other popular messaging applications--Signal and Telegram--have also been withdrawn by Apple.

At the insistence of the Chinese government, Apple removed WhatsApp and Threads from the App Store in the Chinese market. Now, other popular messaging apps--Signal and Telegram--have also been pulled by Apple.

Apple says “We are obligated to follow the laws of the countries where we operate, even if we disagree”.

The company further explained that due to national security concerns, China has ordered the app to be removed from the App Store.

“The Cyberspace Administration of China ordered the removal of these apps from the App Store storefront in China based on their national security concerns,” Apple said.

Apple added that these applications remain available for download on all other App Store storefronts (outside the Chinese market).

The move is not surprising, considering that Chinese has a long history of blocking foreign apps and websites, arguing that they do not comply with its internet regulations.

These regulations often focus on data privacy, content control, and censorship--something that has been felt to be particularly restrictive in applications from US companies.

Signal and Telegram join a growing list of apps not available in the Chinese market, including social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, video platform YouTube and even Wikipedia.

In 2023, Meta launched a new platform to compete with Twitter, called Threads. Surprisingly, this application is available in China and was in the top five applications when it was first launched.

WhatsApp is also available for download but not working. Users have to rely on VPNs and other tricks to use popular social media apps in China.

WeChat remains one of the most widely used social media applications in the country.


Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple users in Chinese will likely no longer be able to find and download WhatsApp and Threads apps from the App Store.

Apple users in Chinese will likely no longer be able to find and download WhatsApp and Threads apps from the App Store.

Apple said it had pulled the apps from its store to comply with an order it received from the Cyberspace Administration, Chinese internet regulator, citing national security concerns.

Apple explains they are obliged to follow the laws of the countries in which they operate, even when they disagree with them.

Chinese Great Firewall regulator blocks many non-domestic apps and technologies, encouraging local citizens to use VPNs if they want to access any of them.

Facebook and Instagram are the only two apps on the list, but WhatsApp and Threads are still available for download today.

The Chinese regulator's order was issued shortly before the US Senate will vote on a bill that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the US.

The Cyberspace Administration claims that the app is a national security issue, echoing the arguments of US lawmakers who blocked TikTok in the country.

In the current version of the US bill, ByteDance has one year to divest TikTok, or the short video sharing platform will be banned from apps stores.

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass the bill, which is part of a package also including aid to Ukraine and Israel.

President Joe Biden previously said he supported the measure and would soon sign the bill into law.


United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule To Ban TikTok In The United States, Here's The Reason

United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule To Ban TikTok In The United States, Here's The Reason

United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule to Ban TikTok in the United States, Here's The Reason

Technology-Portfolio.Net - The United States stated that it had passed a law that could have the effect of blocking TikTok in the country.

United States President Joe Biden has reportedly approved new regulations that could threaten TikTok's presence in the country. Because, with this new regulation, the United States can block TikTok if it doesn't divest the company.

With the passing of this regulation, ByteDance as the owner of TikTok must comply with it or leave the United States.

It was stated that companies were given nine months to comply with these regulations. However, the US President is said to be able to extend this period if he sees progress being made by the company.

Responding to this regulation, TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek stated that his party plans to challenge the law in United States court.

"As we continue to oppose this unconstitutional ban, we will continue to invest and innovate to ensure TikTok remains a space for Americans from all walks of life to safely experience, find joy, and be inspired," said Alex.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew also expressed his response via a post on TikTok. He stated that this step was clearly blocking.

For your information, the US House of Representatives on April 20 2024, approved a bill that could potentially ban TikTok from being distributed in the US if they fail to divest from their parent company in China, Bytedance.

The US House of Representatives has approved the bill with a strong vote of 360 to 58. After gaining approval, this bill arrived at President Biden's desk and was signed.

This step cannot be separated from the many members of parliament from various parties - both from the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the Biden administration - who have voiced concerns about TikTok.

The reason they use is about national security. They worry that China will force the company to share the data of its 170 million US users.


Easy Ways To Overcome Spotify Errors and Slowness On iPhone & Android

Easy Ways To Overcome Spotify Errors and Slowness On iPhone & Android

Easy Ways To Overcome Spotify Errors and Slowness On iPhone & Android

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Spotify is one of the largest music streaming applications in the world. This application offers access to tens of millions of music for free which is legal and there are also paid options.

With a very complete song collection and easy access, it's no wonder this application is so popular among music listeners.

However, there are several issues or problems that can interfere with comfort when using Spotify.

If you are experiencing problems with this application, we share several solutions so you can enjoy music on Spotify again without problems.

Close and Reopen Spotify

If the Spotify application has an error, there is the easiest way to solve it, namely by closing and reopening the Spotify application, here's how.

How to Force Close Spotify on Android

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the 'Apps' menu.
  • Tap 'See All Apps'.
  • Search for and select the Spotify application.
  • Click 'Force Stop'.
  • Select 'OK' to confirm.

How to Force Close Spotify on iPhone

  • Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen and hold for a few seconds.
  • Search for Spotify.
  • Swipe down the Spotify preview to close the application.

Check for Spotify Updates

Some apps may not work if there are pending updates, especially more significant updates that bring major changes to how the app works.

Here is how to update apps in Google Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store application.
  • Tap your profile photo icon.
  • Select 'Manage apps & devices'.
  • Go to 'Updates available'.
  • Scroll down and see if there is an update available for Spotify. If there is, press 'Update' next to it.
  • You can also select 'Update all' to update all applications in one tap.

Ways to update apps in the Apple Store:

  • Open the Apple App Store.
  • Click on your profile icon photo.
  • Scroll down and see if there is an update available for Spotify. If there is, press 'Update' next to it.
  • You can also select 'Update all' to update all applications in one tap.

Restart Your Cellphone

When you turn off and restart your smartphone, the temporary files that have accumulated will be deleted. So, the cellphone will run more smoothly so that Spotify can run properly.

This method is one of the frequently used problem solving solutions, here's how:

How to restart Android:

  • Press the Power button simultaneously, or press the Power button and Volume Up/Down simultaneously depending on your Android smartphone model.
  • Tap 'Restart.

How to restart iPhone:

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • When the power menu appears, slide the slide to turn off the phone.
  • When the smartphone is off, turn it back on by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Check Internet Connection

Another reason Spotify isn't working might be because your internet connection is having problems.

Try opening another app or website and see if everything is working properly. If nothing happens, chances are your internet is having problems.

Check If Spotify Server Has Problems

There is a possibility that the Spotify server is experiencing problems, so you cannot stream songs as usual.

If Spotify cannot be opened on another device, there is a possibility that the Spotify server has a problem.

You can also check Down Detector, a third-party website where users can report problems with many services.

Clear Spotify App Cache.

New cache data can cause problems, so it's best to clear the cache when experiencing problems with any app.

Here's how to clear cache on Spotify:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Go to 'Apps'.
  • Search for the Spotify app.
  • Tap 'Storage and Cache'.
  • Select 'Clear Cache'.


How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Switching from an Android-based cellphone to an iPhone with the iOS operating system is not an easy matter. Sometimes there is some data from an Android cellphone that is quite difficult to restore on an iPhone, for example WhatsApp chat data.

Data transfer can be done using a desktop application such as Wondershare Dr Fone. However, the WhatsApp chat transfer service from Android to iPhone via this application is not free or paid.

Some time ago, Meta CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said that his party was rolling out a new feature to WhatsApp that would allow data transfer from an Android cellphone to an iPhone.

Through this feature, users will be able to transfer WhatsApp data, such as chat history, photos, videos, and so on, from Android phones to iPhones more easily.

The feature for moving WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone will later be embedded in an application called Move to iOS made by Apple, which is available on the Google Play Store. Move to iOS is actually not a new application.

Before knowing how to move WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS, you should first understand some of the conditions needed, here are the explanations.

Conditions for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

  • An Android cellphone should at least be running the Android operating system version 5 or later.
  • Your iPhone should be running at least iOS 15.5 or later.
  • On an Android cellphone, at least WhatsApp version or later is used.
  • On iPhone, use at least WhatsApp version or later.
  • Use the same WhatsApp account on your Android phone as on your iPhone.
  • The iPhone that is the target for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android must be in the initial device settings.
  • Both devices, Android cellphone and iPhone must use the same WiFi network.

If you understand the conditions above, here is how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS, as reported on the official WhatsApp FAQ page.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

  • Download the Move to iOS app from Google Play Store, then open it on your Android phone.
  • When the iPhone is in the initial device setup state, select the “Move Data from Android” option on the data recovery menu.
  • Next, the iPhone will display a code to link the devices.
  • Enter the code in the Move to iOS application on your Android cellphone, then click the "Continue" option to start linking the devices.
  • In the “Data Transfer” menu that appears in the Move to iOS application, check the option.
  • “WhatsApp”.
  • Wait a few moments until the data is ready to be exported to iPhone.
  • Click the "Continue" option to start transferring WhatsApp data from Android cellphone to iPhone and wait until the process is confirmed to be complete.
  • Complete the initial iPhone setup sequence until you successfully open the "home" screen.
  • On iPhone, install the latest version of the WhatsApp application downloaded from the App Store.
  • Complete the initial verification process for your WhatsApp account on your iPhone using the same telephone number used on your Android cellphone.
  • If verification is successful, WhatsApp data from the previous Android cellphone will appear on the iPhone.

This is information about how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, along with the necessary conditions, hopefully it is useful.


WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature called App Language. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to change the language in the application.

This new Whatsapp feature was first discovered by WABetaInfo in the beta version of Android v2.22.8.3. It is stated that this option allows users to manually change the language of the application.

WhatsApp itself supports 60 languages in the world for Android devices. This language setting is automatic according to the system language.

With this App Language setting, the WhatsApp application language can be changed as desired without the need to follow the language on the cellphone system, as reported by Beebom.

This feature is similar to one of the options in Android 13, which allows users to change the language in each App. This feature is already in developer preview form, and still needs improvement.

WABetaInfo reports that the WhatsApp App Language feature is still in the development stage. So it is not known when this feature will be released to all users.


Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Instagram is testing a new feature called Edit Grid. This feature will be very useful for Instagram users who want to have an aesthetic profile feed.

Currently this feature is still in the development stage. But developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi managed to dig into it to show how this feature looks and works before it is rolled out.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Paluzzzi shared two screenshots showing this feature. The first screenshot shows the edit profile page showing a new option called Edit Grid.

If the user selects this option, they can change the order of the photos on the profile page. Instead of bothering to delete or archive photos, users can simply drag-and-drop the photos they want to move to make their profiles look neater and more aesthetic, as quoted from XDA Developers, Thursday (13/1/2022).

Currently, Instagram has not shared information about this new feature. But chances are they will reveal more information once this feature is ready to roll out.

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

As it is still in development stage, this feature will be rolled out to beta testers first before it is released to all users. It is also possible that this feature will be canceled for one reason or another.

In addition to the edit grid feature, Instagram is also testing three ways to sort content in the main feed, namely by upload time chronology, based on a proposed algorithm, and based on the order of favorite accounts. These three new feed views will roll out in the second half of 2022.


Google Will Apply New Rules Regarding App Naming on the Play Store

Google Will Apply New Rules Regarding App Naming on the Play Store

Google Will Apply New Rules Regarding App Naming on the Play Store
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Google is compiling a list of apps with names and icons that are too long.

This followed the company's desire to make app names and icons more concise and accurate on the Play Store.

This regulation will facilitate the review process for taking screenshots and the video will be available at the end of this year.

Google details the rules, the policy will prohibit application developers from using tricks to get the attention of potential users.

Simply put, the developer should not cheat with non-to-the-point words.

The name of the later application may not use emoji. Except for the brand name, writing in full capital letters is not allowed.

Limited to 30 Characters

Then, the application title will be limited to 30 characters only. Including call-to-action words like 'download now' or 'sale' is not allowed.

This detail is an initial announcement before the company will detail related policies by the end of 2021.

Unmitigated, Google will not explicitly provide space on Google Play for applications that violate these policies.

Developers Need To Prepare Separate Descriptions

Separately, new rules regarding app preview descriptions will take effect from the second half of this year.

However, application and game developers need to prepare descriptions that are simple but contain sufficient information.

"Assets that do not meet our guidelines may not be eligible for promotions and recommendations on major Google Play platforms such as the App and Games homepage," said Google.


Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts

Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts

Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is starting to test the Tip Jar feature in the Android and iOS apps. As the name implies, this feature allows Twitter users to send money directly to their favorite accounts.

Currently this feature is limited to users worldwide who use Twitter in English. All Twitter users can send tips, but only creators, journalists, experts and non-profit accounts can activate this feature and receive tips.

To send money to a favorite account, simply go to their profile on the Twitter app and then tap the money icon next to their username. Accounts that have met the requirements can activate this feature via Settings to start receiving tips.

Twitter users on Android can also provide tips to their favorite accounts via the Spaces feature. Twitter itself has launched this Clubhouse-like feature to all users who already have more than 600 followers.

Twitter relies on external services to handle this transaction, namely Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. The company with the bird logo says they don't take any commissions on the tips given, so all users will receive in full.

Even though it's still in the testing phase, users are starting to see a lot of issues that Twitter has to address. As the @RachelTobac account reports, tipping recipients via PayPal can now see the tipping address.

In its latest update, Twitter acknowledged the problem. They said they would update their alerts and tipping Help Center to make it clear that other apps can share information between tipping givers and recipients on their terms.

Twitter promises to provide the latest details and updates in the near future. They will also expand the availability of this feature to more users and more languages.


YouTube TV Can Now Be Accessed On Play Station 5

YouTube TV Can Now Be Accessed On Play Station 5

YouTube TV Can Now Be Accessed On Play Station 5
Technology-Portfolio.Net - PlayStation 5 (PS5) users can now access YouTube TV from this Sony-made console.

It is Android Police who discovered it for the first time, after Google secretly added YouTube TV service support information for the PS5 on their official site.

New YouTube Features

YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature that allows embedding comments at any point in the video. In simple terms, it will allow comments to appear at specific user-defined points.

That way, it's no longer like a scrollable downward comment column. Apparently, this looks like the timestamped comment that SoundCloud has.

"We're testing a new feature that lets you view timed comments exactly as you watch them in the video," says YouTube.

This trial was conducted on some Android and iOS users who were given access to test this capability in the beta version.


Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp has re-launched the WhatsApp Pay payment service in Brazil. The payment service WhatsApp Pay was suspended by Brazil's Central Bank in June 2020, just days after its launch.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the return of this payment service in a video that was shown in Brazil.

In the video, Mark Zuckerberg talks about how payment information added to WhatsApp will work on Facebook and Instagram.

According to the Head of Facebook Financial, David Marcus, "the payment service WhatsApp Pay being rolled back in Brazil will be part of a phased rollout effort."

It seems that Facebook is serious about returning the WhatsApp Pay service to Brazil, one of which can be seen from the video uploaded to promote the payment service.

Not only that, Facebook also published a page stating that the Facebook Pay payment system that underlies WhatsApp Pay has been authorized by the Central Bank.

When the WhatsApp Pay service was first launched in Brazil, the country's central bank suspended operations. The reason is, there are concerns about competition among payment systems.

Brazil's Central Bank said it plans to evaluate whether the Facebook-owned service complies with regulations.

At the time, Facebook said it had been in contact with authorities before the WhatsApp Pay service was launched.

In late March 2021, Reuters reported, Brazil's Central Bank had approved the service, after Facebook obtained official approval to run the payments service.

In a Facebook press release, WhatsApp users will be able to connect debit, prepaid, or combo cards from several banks that work together to process their payments.

Previously on June 15, 2020, the WhatsApp Pay service officially operated in Brazil. This was conveyed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg through his personal page. Brazil became the first country where WhatsApp Pay was widely launched.

"Brazil became the first country in the world where we launched a payment service on WhatsApp," Zuckerberg said.

He said that with the presence of the payment service WhatsApp Pay in Brazil, users could send and receive money as easily as sending photos.

WhatsApp Pay, according to Zuckerberg, is also claimed to make it easier for small businesses to make financial transactions through the messaging application.

"To enable transactions, we developed Facebook Pay which provides a secure and consistent way to transact across our app platforms," ​​Zuckerberg said.

For your information, Zuckerberg also said, WhatsApp Pay can run thanks to collaboration with a number of local bank partners. They include Banco do Brasil, Nubank, Sicredi, and Cielo, merchant payment processors in Brazil.


Snapchat Users Can Now Include Music In Uploads

Snapchat Users Can Now Include Music In Uploads

Snapchat Users Can Now Include Music In Uploads
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Snapchat has just announced a new feature called Sounds. With this feature, users of the iOS version of Snapchat can add music to their Snaps.

The music can be added before or after taking the Snap. The music catalog available is varied and has been curated.

"Music can make video creation and communication more expressive, and offer another way to personally recommend music to your closest friends," wrote Snapchat in the caption.

When users receive a Snap equipped with Sound, they can immediately swipe up to find out the album, song title, to the musician.

Then, via the 'Play This Song' link, users can listen to the song in full on music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Not only does it include music in Snaps, Snapchat also claims to be testing a feature that allows users to create their own sounds and add them to their Snaps.

Together with this feature, Snapchat also announced Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco's newest song, 'Lonely; will be available exclusively in the Sound feature.

Snapchat Opens Office in Singapore, Strengthens Presence in Southeast Asia

Previously, Snap announced the recruitment of its first employee in Singapore. This step also strengthens the commitment of the company that owns Snapchat in the Southeast Asian market.

As a first step, Anubhav Nayyar will be part of the International Markets team led by Nana Murugesan as Managing Director. The International Markets team itself is known to be responsible for a number of Snap's growth strategies.

These strategies typically include expanding the company's operations in key global markets, promoting cultural relevance and building community, including rolling out a series of programs and local partnerships with telecom providers and OEMs.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to grow our business in Southeast Asia. This region is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse parts of the world," said Snap's Chief Strategy Officer, Jared Grusd.

Apart from that, Snap also plans to open an office in Singapore this year. Hence, the company is currently monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and once the situation has subsided, Snap will establish its presence in the country.

Snap Plans in Southeast Asia

"Snap wants to celebrate and support diversity in Southeast Asia, and I can't wait to start building and fostering strategic partnerships, local content and communities across the region," said Director of Southeast Asia Market Development, Anubhav Nayyar.

In the future, the Singapore office will also strengthen Snap's support for multinational brand advertising partnerships based in the Asia Pacific region. For Snap, Southeast Asia has become increasingly important to the company in the last 12 years.

This is evidenced by several initiatives undertaken in a number of countries, including Indonesia. Some of the initiatives are localizing Augmented Reality Lens and creative tools called Kartini Day and Java Jazz Festival.

Photo Credit: Snapchat
Zoom Presents Marketplace Service to Host Virtual Events

Zoom Presents Marketplace Service to Host Virtual Events

Zoom Presents Marketplace Service to Host Virtual Events
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Zoom continues to add new features to its platform. Most recently, the video conference platform has launched a marketplace called OnZoom.

OnZoom is a marketplace that users can use to hold and monetize virtual events they create.

OnZoom can be used for various virtual events, from cooking classes to stand-up comedy. This platform is supported by a number of features, such as ticket sales, event scheduling, to promotions.

Users who are interested in holding events via OnZoom are required to have a paid Zoom account first. But anyone can watch the program.

Later, the organizers can also determine the number of participants attending the event. The maximum number that can be accommodated is 1,000 participants.

For now, OnZoom is only available in beta for users in the United States. However, Zoom plans to bring it to the global market next year.

In addition, Zoom has announced that the platform supports integration with 35 third-party applications. Through this integration, users can access other application functions directly through Zoom.

Zoom Mobile and Desktop Applications are Now Strengthened by 2FA Features

Previously, Zoom recently added two-factor authentication support (two-factor authentication / 2FA) for mobile applications and desktop versions.

This step of course gives users the option to add an extra layer of security to their accounts beyond the standard password.

In the company's official blog, Zoom says users can enable extra security via Zoom Dashboard.

This isn't the first time Zoom has offered support for 2FA. Previously this feature was presented for the web version.

Zoom confirmed that all users will be able to access the new security features, including those using the free service.

In addition to bringing 2FA to more platforms, Zoom also provides users with more ways to receive one-time login codes.

Code via SMS

Previously, users only had the option of using an authentication app like Google Authenticator to generate codes.

Now users can choose to receive them via SMS. However, texting is generally considered to be less secure than using apps on your device because codes are more likely to be intercepted.

Zoom has also added support for recovery codes, which can be used to regain access to the account if a user's mobile device is lost.

This is the latest security feature that Zoom has added this year, after repeated bombardments of intense privacy and security issues following its boom in popularity.

Photo Credit: Zoom


Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode

Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode

Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode
Technology-Portfolio.Net - In accordance with its promise, Google has now released a new incognito mode in its Google Maps.

Unfortunately, iOS users have not been able to enjoy this new mode. This is because the incognito mode in Maps is currently only available in the Android version, although it still takes time to be available in its entirety.

Nevertheless, Google Maps will soon present the iOS version, as quoted from the Androidpolice report.

How to activate it quite easily, namely:

1. Update Google Maps on your Android device
2. Tap Your Profile Photo
3. Select Incognito Mode

With the incognito mode on Google Maps, users will be more assured of data, ie places that have been visited by users will not be stored in location history.

Furthermore, the mode that was previously present in Google's search engine will not save a history of place searches that we have done in Google Maps.

In addition, with the arrival of a new incognito mode for Android users, Google Maps has no right to use user information to personalize the experience.

Nevertheless, your location history can still be known, namely by other applications that use GPS to record your location.


Five Best Free Android Screen Recorder Applications

Five Best Free Android Screen Recorder Applications

Five Free Android Screen Recorder Applications
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Are you a gamer who wants to publish your game on social media? So, you need a screen recorder application for Android.

Screen recorder application functions to record all activities on the smartphone screen. Mostly, the application is sought after by users who want to record a game or make an Android tutorial and upload it to YouTube.

Although currently the latest smartphones have buried the screen recording feature, but there are some users who still don't have the application. Or, users are still not satisfied with the "factory default" feature.

Therefore, we will summarize the best and free smartphone screen recorder application, see more!.

Best Android Screen Recorder application

1. DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder

DU Recorder is one of the best smartphone screen recording applications. In addition to providing high-quality screen recorders, DU Recorder also provides live streaming to several platforms such as: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. This application is also equipped with a video editor that allows users to edit recordings without a PC.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

A free and no ad screen recorder application seems worth giving to the AZ Screen Recorder. Besides having a smartphone screen recorder feature, this application also provides various features such as: can pause recording, without a watermark, and a simple interface. To be able to use AZ Screen Recorder, users don't need to root the device.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

3. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is a screen recorder application that has more than 100 million users as stated in the number of downloads on the Google Play Store. Just like the others, it's useful to record smartphone screen activity. Its features are the same as all Android screen recorder application providers, it's just that the display and User Experince are not so friendly, so it will confuse new users.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

4. Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder is another Android screen recording application that comes with an intuitive and user friendly interface. One of the preferred features is a feature that offers unlimited recording and has a default video editor. With Super Screen Recorder, you can record high-quality screens with various resolutions, frame rates and bit rates.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

5. Stream Screen Recorder

Stream Screen Recorder

This application is a little different from other screen recorders. Stream allows you to stream, watch and chat in live videos. Screen recorder is one of the functions provided by the Stream. It offers game broadcasting, walk-throughs and more. To start with Stream, just register using Google, FB, Twitter, or e-mail.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

Those are the five Android screen recording applications that you can choose as needed.


Facebook Launches Live Streaming Lasso Application

Facebook Launches Live Streaming Lasso Application

Facebook Launches Live Streaming Lasso Application
Technology-Portfolio.Net - After some time ago, the social networking giant Facebook finally officially launched the Lasso, a short video-based application.

This application is present in order to seize contemporary or millennial teen users who are increasingly going to leave Facebook, where only half of the total teenage users (initially 71 percent in 2015) are still using social media at this time.

Lasso is a standalone application containing entertaining short videos, from comedy, beauty, to fitness and more.

Facebook will add slowly to gather feedback from Lasso users to develop their potential.

Lasso has the ability to display full-screen, Discover page, where users can search for videos made by other users, as well as a timeline page titled 'Today's top Creators'.

The page allows users to see the best video makers, or videos that are trending. All of these features are claimed to be easy to navigate.

In making content, the Lasso application is equipped with tools that allow users to lip sync, record short videos, and include music (licensed in the catalog) into videos that can be set to speed.

In addition to uploads and user profiles that can be seen 'publicly', Lasso also has the ability to 'cross-platform', which means users can upload the video to Facebook Stories.

Facebook also promises 'cross-platform' Lasso with Instagram Stories that will come in the near future.

The Lasso application is deployed for the Android and iOS platforms. Lasso users can log in easily using a Facebook or Instagram account.

In the meantime the new Lasso application can be used (downloaded) by users who live in the United States alone.


5 Android and iOS applications to Beautify Instagram Stories

5 Android and iOS applications to Beautify Instagram Stories

5 Android and iOS applications to Beautify Instagram Stories

TECHNOLOGY-PORTFOLIO.NET - Instagram users are increasingly serious about creating Instagram Stories content. Not only contains short videos and photos as they are, but content that is conceptual and full of creativity.

Not infrequently videos and photos on Instagram Stories are compiled into a collage, pasted with animation, given a vintage effect, laced with artsy letters, and adorned with adorable frames.

There are many ways to make Instagram Stories content more pleasing to the eye. Here are some applications that can help your creation.

1. Canva
To make collages and insert adorable letters, you can easily use Canva. There are several Instagram Stories templates provided on this application for Android and iOS.

You can upload photos, embed icons and stickers, add text, and combine several photos into a neat collage. You can try it via iOS and Android computers or cellphones.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

2. Hypetype
You can embed animated text on Instagram Stories using Hypetype. This application is one of the most popular, because it provides a large selection of letters and animations that add to the aesthetics of Instagram Stories.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

3. InSHot
This application is capable of editing photos or videos. You can create a background for photos with various effects (blur, overlapping other photos, colorful). You can also create collages with available templates.

If you want to edit videos, there are glitch and pixel effects that add to the impression of artsy. You can also set the video speed.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

SNOW provides another alternative if you want to give a vintage impression to Instagram Stories photos or videos.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

5. Preview
If the previous row for content editing, Preview is more managerial editing. You can upload all the videos and photos that you want to show on Instagram Stories.

Before uploading the concept, you can first see the plot in Preview. You can schedule it later and will get a notification when it's time to upload to Instagram Stories.

Available Download In :
iOS and Android

Please select the 5 applications above that you want to use. Good luck