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New Findings, Brokewell Android Malware Can Take Over Your Cellphone Remotely

New Findings, Brokewell Android Malware Can Take Over Your Cellphone Remotely

New Findings, Brokewell Android Malware Can Take Over Your Cellphone Remotely

Technology-Portfolio.Net - There is a new malware with the name Brokewell. This malware can take over an infected user's cellphone.

Found a new Android malware called Brokewell. This malware can harm user security and privacy.

Security researchers at Threat Fabric discovered a new Android malware that can record all activities performed on a phone.

This malware, nicknamed Brokewell, can read all touch input, opened applications, text input, images displayed on the screen, and other activities on the cellphone.

Not only that, the Brokewell malware also features remote control capabilities, which effectively gives hackers full access to Android devices.

According to Threat Fabric, Brokewell is distributed via fake Chrome update pages.

This is a common technique for tricking unsuspecting users into downloading malware on their devices.

Unsuspecting users will click the update button without verifying the source of the activity. Once installed, Brokewell malware can take over the device completely and potentially cause damage to the phone.

Threat Fabric describes Brokewell as a new, never-before-seen malware with a ton of capabilities.

Most recently, there was an analysis that revealed that this malware targets the Austrian paylater service and digital authentication application called ID Austria.

Brokewell has an extensive set of features that unscrupulous hackers can exploit to steal sensitive data from infected devices.

The feature can mimic the targeted app's login screen, tricking users into giving away their credentials to hackers.

The malware can also intercept and extract cookies, record user interactions with devices, collect hardware and software details, retrieve call and location logs, and capture ambient audio.

Brokewell also allows hackers to live stream the infected device's screen, so they can see everything the victim of this malware does.

Brokewell also lets them remotely perform touch and swipe gestures, click on the screen, type text into specific fields, and simulate pressing physical buttons like Back, Home, and Recent Apps.

Not only that, hackers can also activate the screen, adjust the screen brightness, and adjust the device volume with the help of Brokewell malware.

Brokewell itself was developed by an individual by the name of Baron Sademit. According to a report from Threat Fabric, this malware maker previously often developed and sold malware to check stolen accounts. The malware developed by Baron is widely used by cybercriminals.

One piece of malware called “Brokewell Android Loader” can bypass Google's Android OS restrictions designed to prevent abuse of Accessibility Services for sideloaded apps.

This is not the first case of Android malware exploiting Google's weaknesses. Many threat actors employ this bypass technique to avoid or minimize the risk of detection.

Despite ongoing efforts from Google and other vendors, attackers always find security holes that can be abused. The best way to stay safe from malware is to avoid downloading apps outside of app stores.

Always download applications and application updates from the Google Play Store or other trusted application stores such as the Galaxy Store and official application stores from smartphone manufacturers.


Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Chinese Asks Apple To Remove Telegram and Signal From App Store

Technology-Portfolio.Net - After Chinese asked Apple to remove WhatsApp and Threads from the App Store, now other popular messaging applications--Signal and Telegram--have also been withdrawn by Apple.

At the insistence of the Chinese government, Apple removed WhatsApp and Threads from the App Store in the Chinese market. Now, other popular messaging apps--Signal and Telegram--have also been pulled by Apple.

Apple says “We are obligated to follow the laws of the countries where we operate, even if we disagree”.

The company further explained that due to national security concerns, China has ordered the app to be removed from the App Store.

“The Cyberspace Administration of China ordered the removal of these apps from the App Store storefront in China based on their national security concerns,” Apple said.

Apple added that these applications remain available for download on all other App Store storefronts (outside the Chinese market).

The move is not surprising, considering that Chinese has a long history of blocking foreign apps and websites, arguing that they do not comply with its internet regulations.

These regulations often focus on data privacy, content control, and censorship--something that has been felt to be particularly restrictive in applications from US companies.

Signal and Telegram join a growing list of apps not available in the Chinese market, including social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, video platform YouTube and even Wikipedia.

In 2023, Meta launched a new platform to compete with Twitter, called Threads. Surprisingly, this application is available in China and was in the top five applications when it was first launched.

WhatsApp is also available for download but not working. Users have to rely on VPNs and other tricks to use popular social media apps in China.

WeChat remains one of the most widely used social media applications in the country.


Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Chinese Forces Apple To Remove WhatsApp Application and Threads In App Store

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple users in Chinese will likely no longer be able to find and download WhatsApp and Threads apps from the App Store.

Apple users in Chinese will likely no longer be able to find and download WhatsApp and Threads apps from the App Store.

Apple said it had pulled the apps from its store to comply with an order it received from the Cyberspace Administration, Chinese internet regulator, citing national security concerns.

Apple explains they are obliged to follow the laws of the countries in which they operate, even when they disagree with them.

Chinese Great Firewall regulator blocks many non-domestic apps and technologies, encouraging local citizens to use VPNs if they want to access any of them.

Facebook and Instagram are the only two apps on the list, but WhatsApp and Threads are still available for download today.

The Chinese regulator's order was issued shortly before the US Senate will vote on a bill that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the US.

The Cyberspace Administration claims that the app is a national security issue, echoing the arguments of US lawmakers who blocked TikTok in the country.

In the current version of the US bill, ByteDance has one year to divest TikTok, or the short video sharing platform will be banned from apps stores.

The US House of Representatives is expected to pass the bill, which is part of a package also including aid to Ukraine and Israel.

President Joe Biden previously said he supported the measure and would soon sign the bill into law.


United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule To Ban TikTok In The United States, Here's The Reason

United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule To Ban TikTok In The United States, Here's The Reason

United States President Joe Biden Signs a Rule to Ban TikTok in the United States, Here's The Reason

Technology-Portfolio.Net - The United States stated that it had passed a law that could have the effect of blocking TikTok in the country.

United States President Joe Biden has reportedly approved new regulations that could threaten TikTok's presence in the country. Because, with this new regulation, the United States can block TikTok if it doesn't divest the company.

With the passing of this regulation, ByteDance as the owner of TikTok must comply with it or leave the United States.

It was stated that companies were given nine months to comply with these regulations. However, the US President is said to be able to extend this period if he sees progress being made by the company.

Responding to this regulation, TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek stated that his party plans to challenge the law in United States court.

"As we continue to oppose this unconstitutional ban, we will continue to invest and innovate to ensure TikTok remains a space for Americans from all walks of life to safely experience, find joy, and be inspired," said Alex.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew also expressed his response via a post on TikTok. He stated that this step was clearly blocking.

For your information, the US House of Representatives on April 20 2024, approved a bill that could potentially ban TikTok from being distributed in the US if they fail to divest from their parent company in China, Bytedance.

The US House of Representatives has approved the bill with a strong vote of 360 to 58. After gaining approval, this bill arrived at President Biden's desk and was signed.

This step cannot be separated from the many members of parliament from various parties - both from the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the Biden administration - who have voiced concerns about TikTok.

The reason they use is about national security. They worry that China will force the company to share the data of its 170 million US users.


Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities In iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities In iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple will reportedly bring more AI features to the iPhone via iOS 18. The company plans to take several steps to implement AI features, including collaborating with other technology companies.

For your information, AI/artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are not new to the iPhone, Apple has been developing AI in the iPhone for years.

The AI features that have been embedded in the iPhone include Portrait Mode on the iPhone camera, as well as the ability to copy and paste text from photos.

Now, Apple will present more AI features in iOS 18 at the 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). It is rumored that the company will take AI features to the next level by implementing generative AI features on the iPhone.

For your information, generative AI is an AI model that is trained on large volumes of data and is able to create content in response to entered commands.

Generative AI was first popularized by OpenAI through ChatGPT. Thanks to the success of ChatGPT, many technology companies are developing and implementing generative AI such as Google, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Even though Apple has not revealed its plans to introduce AI features in iOS 18, this has been seen from several leaks and a number of steps taken by the company.

One of them is that several reports show that Apple has acquired several AI startup companies, such as DarwinAI and Datakalab. Apart from that, there are several other AI implementation plans that Apple is also said to be bringing to the iPhone, here are some of them.

iOS 18 Brings Many AI Features

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi has been tasked with implementing a number of new features into iOS that are strengthened by Apple Large Language Model (LLM).

However, it is still unclear what AI features will be present in iOS 18. However, the report says Apple will bring AI improvements to the Messages and Siri applications.

According to some analysts, Apple will wait until September 2024 to announce new AI features along with the release of the iPhone 16.

As is known, Samsung and Google have provided a glimpse of how generative AI can change the way smartphones are used.

Both companies offer features that can rewrite text messages in different language styles before hitting the send button, as well as photo editing tools that can refill empty spaces in photos after moving objects.

It is possible that Apple will present an AI feature with similar capabilities in a future iOS update.

Apple Will Collaborate with Google to Present New AI Features

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google and OpenAI about using AI models to support certain future iPhone features.

This AI model will likely be used for AI features that require cloud processing.

Apple will also reportedly use its own LLM for AI processing without requiring an internet connection.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple's first generative AI feature for the iPhone will be processed on the device, not in the cloud.

AI processed on the device is considered more secure and private. Because the data does not have to leave the device, but processing requires a more powerful chipset.

Based on circulating reports, Apple is said to be focusing on AI models that are run on devices locally, while looking for partners for cloud-based AI processing. Collaboration with other companies is nothing new for Apple.

For example, Google paid Apple billions of dollars to be the default search engine in the Safari browser. Apart from that, the company has also partnered with Qualcomm to bring 5G modems to the iPhone.

New Processor To Improve AI Processing

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

To improve AI processing, Apple is reportedly developing a processor that can improve data processing performance.

According to a report from MacRumors, a processor called A18 will be embedded in the iPhone 16 line. This processor will expand the capabilities of the Neural Engine which can help AI processing.

Siri is also predicted to be one of Apple's focuses in implementing AI features. A report from Bloomberg shows that Siri will get the latest AI-supported features.

The report cites the ability to ask Siri to create a GIF of your last five photos, and then share it.


WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature called App Language. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to change the language in the application.

This new Whatsapp feature was first discovered by WABetaInfo in the beta version of Android v2.22.8.3. It is stated that this option allows users to manually change the language of the application.

WhatsApp itself supports 60 languages in the world for Android devices. This language setting is automatic according to the system language.

With this App Language setting, the WhatsApp application language can be changed as desired without the need to follow the language on the cellphone system, as reported by Beebom.

This feature is similar to one of the options in Android 13, which allows users to change the language in each App. This feature is already in developer preview form, and still needs improvement.

WABetaInfo reports that the WhatsApp App Language feature is still in the development stage. So it is not known when this feature will be released to all users.


Leaked New Android 13 Features

Leaked New Android 13 Features

Leaked New Android 13 Features

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Google has just released the Android 12 operating system at the end of last year. But its successor, Android 13 , has been widely leaked to the public.

A report from Android Police reveals that there are several new features appearing in Android 13, which may be named Tiramisu.

There are at least three new features of Android 13 that have been leaked.

QR Code Scanner

Google seems to want to make it easier for users to scan QR codes faster.

You can directly scan the QR code without the need for a built-in application.

Previously, this feature was provided by Google through the Google Lens application.

If your Android phone doesn't have Google Lens, they have to install it first in order to scan the QR code.

In the latest leak, this QR code scanner feature will be obtained on the lock screen or lock screen.
Unfortunately, it is not explained how it works in more detail whether this feature does appear in the new application or is simply directed to the Google Lens application.


Tap to transfer or tap to transfer this works to find out the closest device to the sender.

This feature is usually intended for sending files or searching for audio devices near the user.

In fact, it's similar to the Hand od Audio that Apple made into the HomePod smart speaker.

This feature allows you to connect to the speaker, by bringing the phone closer to the device.

In its report, the feature works with Google audio devices such as Chromecast speakers.

Unfortunately, it is not known how it works, whether using the Ultra-wideband (UWB) chip in smartphones or Near Field Communication (NFC).

Audio Output Picker

Reports say that this feature will be redesigned. Previously, Google has released audio output on the Android 10 operating system.

This feature displays a list of available devices to connect by turning on the music.

Usually, this feature displays devices such as smart speakers, wireless earbuds, and other devices near the phone.


Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple has released software updates for iOS 15.2.1 and iPadOS 15.2.1, for iPhone and iPad devices.

Through this update, Apple brings a number of fixes to address the loopholes and bugs found in iOS 15.2. One of them is a bug fix where photos from iCloud Link fail to load when sent via message.

iCloud Link itself is a service that allows users to share photos and videos via iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and the site.

This service is temporary, so all photos shared via iCloud Link will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

After successfully saved in iCloud Link, users can copy the link ( link ) of the photo or video to be shared via messages in Messages or Mail services. However, due to a bug , iOS users who receive photos via a link in the Messages service are often unable to load the photo in question.

This is of course very annoying because users can't see photos included in short messages sent by other people.

This iOS 15.2.1 also addresses a bug found in the HomeKit protocol. The bug is a loophole that can make an iPhone or iPad not work.

Through the loophole, a malicious individual could change the name of a HomeKit-compatible device to more than 500,000 characters. This can cause the device to malfunction.

Other fixes focus on third-party CarPlay app services that sometimes struggle to respond to user input.

The presence of this bug seems quite annoying, considering the high reports from iPhone users who complain of similar problems.

iOS 15.2.1 Update

Usually, iOS updates can be obtained automatically. This is indicated by the appearance of a special notification on the device But if you don't get it, users can update the system manually.

To do this, users can access the Settings menu > General > Software update.

The iOS 15.2.1 update is about 970 MB in size.

Devices from Apple that are already compatible in the iOS 15.2.1 list are revealed in the sector on the iPhone 13 starting from iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE (Gen 2), iPhone SE (1st Gen), iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch (Gen 7).

While tablet devices will be available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Gen 5, Gen 4, Gen 3, Gen 2, Gen 1), iPad Pro 11 inch (Gen 3, Gen 2, Gen 1), iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, iPad (Gen 5, Gen 6, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9), iPad Air (Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4), iPad mini (Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6).


Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Instagram is testing a new feature called Edit Grid. This feature will be very useful for Instagram users who want to have an aesthetic profile feed.

Currently this feature is still in the development stage. But developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi managed to dig into it to show how this feature looks and works before it is rolled out.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Paluzzzi shared two screenshots showing this feature. The first screenshot shows the edit profile page showing a new option called Edit Grid.

If the user selects this option, they can change the order of the photos on the profile page. Instead of bothering to delete or archive photos, users can simply drag-and-drop the photos they want to move to make their profiles look neater and more aesthetic, as quoted from XDA Developers, Thursday (13/1/2022).

Currently, Instagram has not shared information about this new feature. But chances are they will reveal more information once this feature is ready to roll out.

Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

As it is still in development stage, this feature will be rolled out to beta testers first before it is released to all users. It is also possible that this feature will be canceled for one reason or another.

In addition to the edit grid feature, Instagram is also testing three ways to sort content in the main feed, namely by upload time chronology, based on a proposed algorithm, and based on the order of favorite accounts. These three new feed views will roll out in the second half of 2022.


Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is planning to prepare a new feature to give users more privacy options. This option offers to hide old tweets so that they are not visible to other users after a certain amount of time.

Twitter also includes options that allow users to limit who can see the tweets the user likes, remove themselves from conversations, and let users delete followers without blocking them outright.

The new feature is part of a series of social privacy changes that aim to make users more comfortable engaging on Twitter.

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Internal research on Twitter seems to find that many users don't even know whether their account is public or private.

There is no timeline for when these features will be released as they are still in the concept phase.

However, Twitter is reportedly planning to start letting users remove themselves from conversations on Twitter by the end of the year and remove followers without blocking them this month.

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"Our focus on social privacy was inspired by the feedback we received through global research studies conducted to better understand user perceptions and needs for privacy around the world. We will begin testing some of these features as soon as next week," Twitter said. >
Over the past year, Twitter has been testing several features, including monetization that started rolling out last week and subscription-based Super Follows that launched in the United States.


Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Technology-Portfolio.Net - When Microsoft announced Windows 11 many users were confused because their Windows 10 device was not compatible to be upgraded to the latest operating system. Now Microsoft confirms that users will not be able to install Windows 11 on non-standard PCs.

In a question and answer session at the Microsoft community forum, Microsoft Program Manager Aria Carley said the terms and conditions of PC specifications that can run Windows 11 will remain in effect to ensure the security of devices running by users.

"We know it sucks that some devices are not eligible for Windows 11," Carley said as quoted from BGR, Thursday (29/7/2021).

"But the thing to remember is that the reason we're doing it is to keep devices more productive, have better experiences and better security than ever before to keep them protected in this new workforce."

As is known, Windows 10 users complain that their devices are not compatible with Windows 11 because they do not have or have not activated the TPM 2.0 module.

Microsoft also initially wrote that the minimum specifications for PCs that support Windows 11 are those running the eighth generation Intel processors or the second generation AMD Ryzen processors. This provision certainly makes many users of Windows devices with older processors feel left out.

Carley also said that users don't have to bother checking whether their devices are eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11 or not. Later Windows itself will check automatically, and if the device does not meet the requirements then the system will not offer Windows 11 installation.

He stressed that Microsoft will not allow users who insist on installing Windows 11 on incompatible devices by using shortcuts, for example by modifying group policies.

"Group policy will not allow you to circumvent the hardware rules for Windows 11. We will still block you from updating your device to an unsupported state because we want to make sure your device remains supported and secure," explains Carley.

Windows 11 will roll out for free over the holiday season to eligible Windows 10 users. Had caused controversy, Microsoft currently has not provided another update on the device specification requirements that must be met to install Windows 11.

It is also possible that advanced users will find a way to install Windows 11 on incompatible devices. But don't just look for Windows 11 installation files on the internet because there are fake files that contain malware.


Instagram Will Present Photo Posting Feature From Desktop

Instagram Will Present Photo Posting Feature From Desktop

Instagram Will Present Photo Posting Feature From Desktop
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Instagram has provided features for posting photos and videos only through the application, but not using the web or desktop versions. But in the end, this feature will be presented.

Based on the leaks that appear, later users of the Instagram desktop application will be able to post photos.

This news came from leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who said that Instagram is expected to allow users to post photos from the desktop.

In a screenshot shared by the Twitter account @ alex193a on May 14, users will be able to drag and drop images from a computer, crop images, add filters, edit and almost anything else that can be found on mobile devices when uploading photos.

"Instagram is working on the ability to create posts from a desktop website," wrote the leaker.

Paluzzi added that the Instagram desktop feature is currently only being tested internally so not all users can use it.

Unfortunately, this feature does not yet support the ability to take pictures from the camera on the computer directly. The same limitation applies to IGTV videos.

Instagram is currently more focused on the Instagram mobile application which can be downloaded on Android or iOS. However, the desktop web interface may be useful for some users who prefer to view images and videos on a larger screen.

It is still unknown whether Instagram also allows users to upload other types of content, such as Stories or Reels.

Unfortunately, it is not known how long Instagram will open the feature for posting photos from this desktop.


Microsoft Outlook Worldwide Error, What Causes It?

Microsoft Outlook Worldwide Error, What Causes It?

Microsoft Outlook Worldwide Error, What Causes It?
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Microsoft Outlook users worldwide are reporting a number of issues with text input and visibility in the email service.

"If you press 'new message' and type in the body text, no text will appear. But if you send it, the text will appear for the recipient," wrote one user.

"If you reply, you still can't see it unless you do a backspace. Very strange," complained another user.

This issue likely arose when Microsoft released Outlook version 2014 series 13929.20372.

Administrators reported that disabling automatic updates and rolling back to the previous version would work. Outlook Web Access (OWA) and access via telephone-based clients also do not appear to be affected.

Microsoft then officially advised users to access alternative protocols such as Outlook on the web or Outlook mobile as potential solutions in the meantime.

Investigating the Root Problems

Microsoft shortly thereafter said that Outlook was experiencing "email visibility issues," with reports of text disappearing after being inserted in a new message, and existing messages having no text at all.

"We are currently investigating an email message visibility issue in Outlook. Outlook on the web does not appear to be affected," said Microsoft.

Then, the company prompts the user to restart the Outlook client to apply the fix after it is accepted.

"We hope to restore service to affected users by May 12, 2021, at 3:00 UTC," said Microsoft.


Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts

Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts

Twitter Trials The Tip Jar Feature, Can Send Money To Favorite Accounts
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is starting to test the Tip Jar feature in the Android and iOS apps. As the name implies, this feature allows Twitter users to send money directly to their favorite accounts.

Currently this feature is limited to users worldwide who use Twitter in English. All Twitter users can send tips, but only creators, journalists, experts and non-profit accounts can activate this feature and receive tips.

To send money to a favorite account, simply go to their profile on the Twitter app and then tap the money icon next to their username. Accounts that have met the requirements can activate this feature via Settings to start receiving tips.

Twitter users on Android can also provide tips to their favorite accounts via the Spaces feature. Twitter itself has launched this Clubhouse-like feature to all users who already have more than 600 followers.

Twitter relies on external services to handle this transaction, namely Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo. The company with the bird logo says they don't take any commissions on the tips given, so all users will receive in full.

Even though it's still in the testing phase, users are starting to see a lot of issues that Twitter has to address. As the @RachelTobac account reports, tipping recipients via PayPal can now see the tipping address.

In its latest update, Twitter acknowledged the problem. They said they would update their alerts and tipping Help Center to make it clear that other apps can share information between tipping givers and recipients on their terms.

Twitter promises to provide the latest details and updates in the near future. They will also expand the availability of this feature to more users and more languages.


Google Play Store Will Reveal User Data Taken by Applications

Google Play Store Will Reveal User Data Taken by Applications

Google Play Store Will Reveal User Data Taken by Applications
Technology-Portfolio.Net - The Google Play Store will display a privacy label containing the user data set recorded in the application. The plan, this label will be present starting next year.

This announcement comes after several months that Apple displays the same privacy label on their App Store app page. Even Google also said that its application will also display recorded data, just like Apple.

According to Google, this is intended to assist users in understanding what data is collected and shared in the application, what effect if the data is secured, to further information regarding privacy and security.

Google will detail some user data that applications can access such as location, contacts, or email addresses. But companies also want to give developers room to explain why that data is being used and what's in it for their apps.

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Later, Google will provide information to users whether the data is encrypted, whether the data complies with Google's policies regarding child-friendly applications, and whether users can choose not to share data.

In addition, the information will also highlight whether a third party has verified the security of the application or can users ask them to delete their data or not.

Developers will begin to be informed of this information in the final quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, the privacy label will begin showing to users in the first quarter of 2022.

This label also applies to new applications or applications that have recently introduced an update. If the app update doesn't show any new information about the data recorded on the label, Google will block the app.


Twitter Users Can Now Upload Photos in 4K Resolution and Crop Free

Twitter Users Can Now Upload Photos in 4K Resolution and Crop Free

Twitter Users Can Now Upload Photos in 4K Resolution and Crop Free
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is back with updates for the convenience of its users in social media. After the fleet and the elimination of the bookmark feature, this time the platform with the blue bird logo makes it easy for users to upload images at full size.

Previous Twitter users had to crop (crop) the image they want to upload to a size of 16: 9 or usually it will be done by the system automatically.

This was done with the reason to keep the appearance in the timeline uniform. But now, Twitter has announced that users can upload images at their actual size.

"Introduce a bigger and better image on iOS and Android, now available to all users," wrote Twitter in its official account.

For information, this ability has indeed become one that is requested by users. Because, it is not uncommon for uploaded photos to be cut in size when they appear on the timeline.

High-Quality Images With 4K Resolution

Previously, Twitter also allowed users to upload high-resolution images from iOS and Android devices. Through this update, the image seen can be sharper and more detailed.

Apart from being crop free, Twitter users can also activate the high-quality images feature to view 4K resolution images and high-quality image uploads to tweet 4K quality images.

The Twitter application on the website supports high-resolution images up to 4K (4,096x4,096 pixels). Only for applications, the resolution is limited to a maximum of 2,048 x 2,048 pixels.

Users can also choose whether they want high resolution images to be seen when using cellular and WiFi networks, only when connected to WiFi, or disable both options.

Information From Twitter

"Time to tweet high-resolution images, the option to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS is now available to all users," said Twitter via @TwitterSupport account.

"To start uploading and viewing images in 4K, update your high-quality image preferences in the 'Data usage' section," said Twitter.

Based on the Twitter statement, to activate this feature, users need to enter the "Data Usage" Settings on the Twitter application.


Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Brazil Finally Allows WhatsApp Pay

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp has re-launched the WhatsApp Pay payment service in Brazil. The payment service WhatsApp Pay was suspended by Brazil's Central Bank in June 2020, just days after its launch.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the return of this payment service in a video that was shown in Brazil.

In the video, Mark Zuckerberg talks about how payment information added to WhatsApp will work on Facebook and Instagram.

According to the Head of Facebook Financial, David Marcus, "the payment service WhatsApp Pay being rolled back in Brazil will be part of a phased rollout effort."

It seems that Facebook is serious about returning the WhatsApp Pay service to Brazil, one of which can be seen from the video uploaded to promote the payment service.

Not only that, Facebook also published a page stating that the Facebook Pay payment system that underlies WhatsApp Pay has been authorized by the Central Bank.

When the WhatsApp Pay service was first launched in Brazil, the country's central bank suspended operations. The reason is, there are concerns about competition among payment systems.

Brazil's Central Bank said it plans to evaluate whether the Facebook-owned service complies with regulations.

At the time, Facebook said it had been in contact with authorities before the WhatsApp Pay service was launched.

In late March 2021, Reuters reported, Brazil's Central Bank had approved the service, after Facebook obtained official approval to run the payments service.

In a Facebook press release, WhatsApp users will be able to connect debit, prepaid, or combo cards from several banks that work together to process their payments.

Previously on June 15, 2020, the WhatsApp Pay service officially operated in Brazil. This was conveyed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg through his personal page. Brazil became the first country where WhatsApp Pay was widely launched.

"Brazil became the first country in the world where we launched a payment service on WhatsApp," Zuckerberg said.

He said that with the presence of the payment service WhatsApp Pay in Brazil, users could send and receive money as easily as sending photos.

WhatsApp Pay, according to Zuckerberg, is also claimed to make it easier for small businesses to make financial transactions through the messaging application.

"To enable transactions, we developed Facebook Pay which provides a secure and consistent way to transact across our app platforms," ​​Zuckerberg said.

For your information, Zuckerberg also said, WhatsApp Pay can run thanks to collaboration with a number of local bank partners. They include Banco do Brasil, Nubank, Sicredi, and Cielo, merchant payment processors in Brazil.


Google Restricts Applications To Access User Information

Google Restricts Applications To Access User Information

Google Restricts Applications To Access User Information
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Google will be more selective with applications on the Google Play Store that can see what applications are already installed on the user's smartphone.

Although it seems harmless, the list of applications installed on the user's smartphone can inform the developer of the user's information. For example, dating preferences to political affiliations.

Starting May 5, 2021, the developer must provide reasons to Google regarding why the application accesses application installation information on the user's smartphone.

Android 11 applications currently requesting the "QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES" permission can view the complete list of applications installed on the user's device. However, Google recently updated its Developer Program Policies.

Where, now the application information installed on the user's smartphone is classified as sensitive personal data of the user.

Restrict Permission Access to the Application

Accordingly, Google will limit which applications are allowed to obtain information regarding the complete list of applications installed on the user's smartphone.

When these changes take effect in May, applications can only obtain permissions, if their core functions require wide visibility into the applications installed on the user's smartphone.

Examples are file manager applications, browsers, and antivirus applications that require data for interoperability purposes. "Banking applications, digital wallet applications, and other applications that involve financial transaction functionality will be licensed for security purposes," said Google.

Naughty Developers Can Be Kicked from Google Play

Apps that don't function properly but request visibility permission access could run the risk of being removed from the Google Play Store.

For this reason, all developers who wish to retain permission access in their applications need to complete a declaration form that guarantees its use in accordance with its function.

If you're concerned that users may still abuse permissions, Google's documentation clearly states that this will impact the app.

Google may suspend apps and may terminate developer accounts if they commit violations.


Google Assistant Now Can Say Difficult Names

Google Assistant Now Can Say Difficult Names

Google Assistant Now Can Say Difficult Names
Technology-Portfolio.Net - The use of Google Assistant is increasingly being used by users, because there are more and more things that can be done, such as playing music or calling contacts.

However, it is not uncommon for obstacles to arise in the pronunciation of difficult names to contact. As a result, Google Assistant doesn't recognize him or mispronounces his name.

In response to that problem, now Google Assistant has added the latest update for the pronunciation of names that are difficult or require special pronunciation.

"We want Google Assistant to recognize and pronounce people's names as accurately as possible, especially the less common ones," the company wrote in a blog post.

This feature will later allow users to provide examples of the pronunciation of names that the Google Assistant system will accept. That way, the system will be better able to recognize names that are quite difficult to pronounce.

This feature will be released in the next few days, with the temporary support language is English.

"We hope to expand into more languages soon," he said.

Smart Speaker

The next update regarding Google Assistant is the capability in Google's Smart Speaker.

This smart speaker is recorded as the most frequently commanded to set an alarm. Then, the user sometimes assigns multiple tasks in one command. This is what sometimes becomes a problem and the alarms are not loaded properly.

With the updates currently included, Google Assistant will be able to better understand the context that what its users are speaking. For example, after activating two alarms, the user wants to turn off one of them. The system will understand when the user orders even with sentences that are not exactly the same.

"Please turn off the second alarm," for example.

With this capability, Google Assistant is predicted to be 100 percent accurate in understanding the context of the alarm command.

BERT Technology

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) machine learning capabilities are behind the development of the feature.

To complement it, the company redesigned the NLU Assistant model to better understand context. That is, this model can find out empirically what the user commands mean.

BERT was first discovered in 2018 and is used in Search which allows the processing of various but related words.

Thus, the BERT capability will make the conversation between Google Assistant and its users appear more natural. The system is able to understand what the user is doing when opening the smartphone.


11 Hidden Features in Android 11

11 Hidden Features in Android 11

11 Hidden Features in Android 11

Photo: Blog Google - Google recently launched Android 11, which was not exclusively released for Google Pixel devices.

Android 11 can also be downloaded for OnePlus, Oppo X2, and Reno 3 smartphones through their respective open beta programs.

This latest release focuses on making it easier for you to do important things on your phone, such as managing conversations, connected devices, privacy, and more. To introduce you to it, here are 11 new capabilities that are coming with Android 11.

Google informs that Android 11 will roll out to more partner vendors and smartphones in the next few months. But unfortunately, the technology giant did not reveal the exact date when Android 11 will slide more widely globally.

This latest release focuses on making it easier for users to do various important things on smartphones, such as managing conversations, connected devices, privacy, and more.

For more details, here are 11 hidden Android 11 features that you must know.

The advantages of Android 11

1. Many of us have to frequently switch applications when communicating using text messages. In Android 11, the conversations from the various messaging apps that you have will be provided in a special room in the notification section, so you can manage the conversation more easily. You can also prioritize the conversations of the people who matter most so you don't miss their messages.

2. The balloon feature allows you to seamlessly perform multiple activities at once on your device. Now you can respond to important conversations without having to switch back and forth between the applications you are currently open, including the messaging application.

3. The default setting for screen recording is finally available. Now you can record and share what's happening on your smartphone. Record with the included sound from the microphone, device, or both (no extra app required).

4. You can now access all your smart devices in one place, simply by pressing and holding the power button. Control connected devices such as smart TVs and smart speakers with one tap without having to open multiple applications.

5. The media control design has been updated and now makes it much easier. You can also switch media-playing devices, so you can transfer music from headphones to speakers without missing a single note.

6. Android Auto now works wirelessly for all phones running Android 11, provided you have a compatible vehicle. This way, you can continue to use the best features of your phone without annoying cables while driving, such as activating directions with one tap, having your smartphone send text messages via voice commands, playing your favorite media, and getting help from the Google Assistant.

7. The one-time permission feature allows you to grant one-time access to the device's most sensitive sensor features such as: microphone, camera and location. If in the future you need access to the device sensors again, an app must re-ask you for permission.

8. When it has not been used for a long time, we recommend that an application is not allowed to continue to access data. Now, Android will "auto reset" permissions for long-unused apps and notify you about this. You can always give the app permission again when you want to use it.

9. With the additional Google Play system update module, there will be more security and privacy fixes that can be delivered to your phone immediately from Google Play, in the same way as the app updating process. Once a fix is ​​available, you'll get it without waiting for a full OS update.

10. For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 provides the company-owned devices you use with the privacy protections typically available on personal devices. IT departments can use a set of tools to manage your devices through your work profile, without monitoring any data or activity that you do on your personal profile.

11. If you're using the Pixel 2 or later, you'll get a number of additional tools for organizing and managing your phone, such as app suggestions based on your daily routine. Also new actions that let you select text or an image, or take a screenshot of an app, and so on.