Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities In iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple will reportedly bring more AI features to the iPhone via iOS 18. The company plans to take several steps to implement AI features, including collaborating with other technology companies.

For your information, AI/artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are not new to the iPhone, Apple has been developing AI in the iPhone for years.

The AI features that have been embedded in the iPhone include Portrait Mode on the iPhone camera, as well as the ability to copy and paste text from photos.

Now, Apple will present more AI features in iOS 18 at the 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). It is rumored that the company will take AI features to the next level by implementing generative AI features on the iPhone.

For your information, generative AI is an AI model that is trained on large volumes of data and is able to create content in response to entered commands.

Generative AI was first popularized by OpenAI through ChatGPT. Thanks to the success of ChatGPT, many technology companies are developing and implementing generative AI such as Google, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Even though Apple has not revealed its plans to introduce AI features in iOS 18, this has been seen from several leaks and a number of steps taken by the company.

One of them is that several reports show that Apple has acquired several AI startup companies, such as DarwinAI and Datakalab. Apart from that, there are several other AI implementation plans that Apple is also said to be bringing to the iPhone, here are some of them.

iOS 18 Brings Many AI Features

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi has been tasked with implementing a number of new features into iOS that are strengthened by Apple Large Language Model (LLM).

However, it is still unclear what AI features will be present in iOS 18. However, the report says Apple will bring AI improvements to the Messages and Siri applications.

According to some analysts, Apple will wait until September 2024 to announce new AI features along with the release of the iPhone 16.

As is known, Samsung and Google have provided a glimpse of how generative AI can change the way smartphones are used.

Both companies offer features that can rewrite text messages in different language styles before hitting the send button, as well as photo editing tools that can refill empty spaces in photos after moving objects.

It is possible that Apple will present an AI feature with similar capabilities in a future iOS update.

Apple Will Collaborate with Google to Present New AI Features

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

Apple is reportedly in talks with Google and OpenAI about using AI models to support certain future iPhone features.

This AI model will likely be used for AI features that require cloud processing.

Apple will also reportedly use its own LLM for AI processing without requiring an internet connection.

A report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple's first generative AI feature for the iPhone will be processed on the device, not in the cloud.

AI processed on the device is considered more secure and private. Because the data does not have to leave the device, but processing requires a more powerful chipset.

Based on circulating reports, Apple is said to be focusing on AI models that are run on devices locally, while looking for partners for cloud-based AI processing. Collaboration with other companies is nothing new for Apple.

For example, Google paid Apple billions of dollars to be the default search engine in the Safari browser. Apart from that, the company has also partnered with Qualcomm to bring 5G modems to the iPhone.

New Processor To Improve AI Processing

Apple Will Improve AI Capabilities in iOS 18, What Has Changed?

To improve AI processing, Apple is reportedly developing a processor that can improve data processing performance.

According to a report from MacRumors, a processor called A18 will be embedded in the iPhone 16 line. This processor will expand the capabilities of the Neural Engine which can help AI processing.

Siri is also predicted to be one of Apple's focuses in implementing AI features. A report from Bloomberg shows that Siri will get the latest AI-supported features.

The report cites the ability to ask Siri to create a GIF of your last five photos, and then share it.

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