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Get To Know About and Benefits Of Bulk SMS For Business

Get To Know About and Benefits Of Bulk SMS For Business

Get To Know About and Benefits Of Bulk SMS For Business

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Bulk SMS or mass messaging is the distribution of SMS messages in large quantities to be sent to many recipients. Bulk SMS is widely used by media companies, banks and other companies (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for various purposes including entertainment, corporate and mobile marketing.

Considering that the current popularity of SMS may be less than that of other short messaging applications, this does not mean that its use is no longer effective for business. The reason is, using Bulk SMS has several advantages compared to other communication strategies.

Bulk SMS can reach consumers with various types of cellphones and providers. This shows that its use is not limited by distance, internet, and other things.

Every cellphone must have an SMS feature in it, so that the company can ensure that all customers can be reached, not just relying on areas that have a reliable internet network.

Bulk SMS is usually also used for information and communication between staff.

Today, a wide variety of media options are available for companies to use to get closer to their customers.

Getting to Know the Benefits and About Bulk SMS for Business

There are two types of Bulk SMS, namely Regular Bulk SMS and Premium Bulk SMS, the two types are still the most widely used by companies and are proven to provide effective results.

Regular Bulk SMS

Regular Bulk SMS is usually used to send SMS content related to promotions, information or notifications.

Partners use applications to send web-based SMS, where users can create phonebooks, create phonebook groups, send SMS and view reports in real time.

Bulk SMS Premium

Premium Bulk SMS is used to send the OTP (One Time Password) code required for the verification process.

Bulk SMS users have an application that can send messages to a server in real time which will immediately send them to the customer's telephone number.

Why You Should Use Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is used to send urgent and confidential content, such as OTP codes. Bulk SMS service has a fast delivery process.


Software is required to send and receive Bulk SMS, and various software packages are available. This software package gives users the opportunity to add as many telephone numbers as required and these telephone numbers can be managed in various ways. Most SMS software applications allow uploading a list of mobile numbers using a text file or CSV file.

Some advanced systems can automatically remove duplicate or incorrect numbers, and mobile numbers can be validated before sending messages. With enhanced software features, messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and/or days and bulk messages can be sent on national and international mobile networks as long as the bulk messaging software provider sends internationally.


Most Bulk SMS services use the following standard application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow programmers to add SMS functionality to any program:


  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • SMPP (Peer-to-Peer Short Messaging)


Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

Technology-Portfolio.Net - VoIP technology is one of the results of the development of the latest technology today. This technology will make it easier for you to communicate. To help you take advantage of this technology, you can read detailed reviews and benefits of VoIP technology for the communication process.

Knowing IP Phone or VoIP Technology
VoIP technology is the latest modern communication technology. VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol which is often referred to as IP telephone or digital phone. This technology is voice that will be sent and converted into data first and then sent to the recipient via the internet network. This VoIP technology will change the voice with the help of internet protocol. VoIP has been implemented in various types of open source standards and procedures with various benefits for communicating.

VoIP This is different from standard telephones that use the traditional public telephone network (PSTN).

This digital IP-based telephone service uses control protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) or various other proprietary protocols.

The Benefits of Using VoIP Technology
VoIP-based telephone technology offers Internet connection-based telephone technology with various advantages compared to the old conventional system. There are some tangible benefits when you use VoIP technology to communicate.

Easy to Install and Configure
One of the benefits of using VoIP technology is the ease of installation of this technology. Installation of this technology is quite easy and simple for those of you who have knowledge of mediocre technology. Instead of using a landline, you can install this technology application. You can set it up as easily as an IP phone and it's simple to configure. After that, you can immediately take advantage of it.

Has Affordable Call and Telephone Costs
Another benefit of using VoIP technology is that the cost of calls and telephone calls is quite affordable with the installation of IP Phone technology. You can save costs when using this VoIP technology service. Long distance calls with this technology are much lower than those of landlines. You can even save on monthly bills from your landline after you use this technology. This benefit is very real felt by many people.

Can Carry Numbers Easily
Do you want to travel? When you want to go, of course, a lot of things to bring including your phone with VoIP technology. Now you don't have to be afraid of not being able to communicate easily without the help of this technology because this VoIP phone system makes it easy for you to access the portal website easily and reinstall the system whenever you want. This has a great impact on your travel schedule because the number from this technology system can be carried with you when you travel. Calls with this phone number can be diverted wherever you go because this system is already cloud-based so it is more flexible.

Clear Sound Quality
Not only practical, this VoIP technology also steals your attention with other benefits. You can make calls or communicate with internet-based technology with a smooth and clear voice. Voice quality with VoIP technology is very good even though the distance is quite far. You are like talking to the person in front of you or beside you.

Free of Charge
This technology has good scalability. This internet calling service is very scalable, making it easier for you to estimate. You can use a different number when using this technology. This technology-based communication is free of charge so you save much more.

Easy to Manage and Organize
Another benefit is that it makes it easier for you to manage and manage VoIP technology in your communication system. All receipts of incoming and outgoing calls will be properly recorded and managed on the computer.

Offering Various Facilities
In addition, this technology also offers various facilities for this internet-based telephone. The first facility is speed dial, which makes it easy for you to make calls without pressing the number or numbers of the recipient. Limit duration is useful for limiting your phone time. Limit destination is also a good feature to limit the number of your phone destination. Meanwhile, the time limit is useful for giving a limit on how long the internet phone usage can be. The last facility is multi-password which is useful for managing phone users by password.

Easy to Communicate
The last benefit of VoIP technology is that it makes it easier for you to communicate with anyone and anywhere. Communication can be done both in big cities, small towns, or in villages. Even communication can be done between continents and countries. Surely you will feel much closer to your friends, family, and girlfriends who are far away.

Components and Software
VoIP Phone consists of hardware and software components. The software requires standard networking components such as a TCP/IP network stack, client implementations for DHCP, and the Domain Name System (DNS). In addition, VoIP signaling protocol stacks, such as for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, Skinny Client Control Protocol (Cisco), and Skype, are required. For media flow, Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) is used in most VoIP systems. For voice and media encoding, various encodings are available, such as for audio: G.711 , GSM , iLBC, Speex , G.729 , G.722 , G.722.2 (AMR-WB), other audio codecs, and for H video. 263 , H.263 + , H.264 . The user interface software controls the operation of the hardware components, and can respond to user actions with messages to the display screen.

STUN Client
To enable VoIP communication, SIP/RTP packets must be used and STUN client will be a key component for VoIP communication with SIP/RTP packet management. A Session Traversal Utility for NAT (STUN) clients is used on some SIP based VoIP phones as a firewall on network interfaces sometimes blocking SIP/RTP packets. Some special mechanism is required in this case to enable SIP packet routing from one network to another. STUN is used in some sip phones to enable SIP/RTP packets across the boundary of two different IP networks. A packet becomes unroutable between two sip elements if one network uses a private IP address range and the other is in a public IP address range. Stun is a mechanism to activate this border traversal. There are alternative mechanisms for NAT traversal, STUN is just one of them. STUN or any other NAT traversal mechanism is not required when two connected SIP phones can be routed to each other and there is no firewall in between.

DHCP Client
DHCP client software simplifies device connection to IP networks. The software automatically configures the network parameters and VoIP services.

How VoIP Phone System Technology Works
VoIP technology is able to convert various analog voices received directly from the speakers on the computer into data. Then, the data packet will continue the voice through the router with the help of the internet network to be received by the recipient of the call. The transmission of the signal to this destination must be done digitally, i.e. the voice is converted into digital data before being sent. Those are some things about Phone or VoIP technology.


Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Windows 11 Cannot Be Installed on Incompatible PC

Technology-Portfolio.Net - When Microsoft announced Windows 11 many users were confused because their Windows 10 device was not compatible to be upgraded to the latest operating system. Now Microsoft confirms that users will not be able to install Windows 11 on non-standard PCs.

In a question and answer session at the Microsoft community forum, Microsoft Program Manager Aria Carley said the terms and conditions of PC specifications that can run Windows 11 will remain in effect to ensure the security of devices running by users.

"We know it sucks that some devices are not eligible for Windows 11," Carley said as quoted from BGR, Thursday (29/7/2021).

"But the thing to remember is that the reason we're doing it is to keep devices more productive, have better experiences and better security than ever before to keep them protected in this new workforce."

As is known, Windows 10 users complain that their devices are not compatible with Windows 11 because they do not have or have not activated the TPM 2.0 module.

Microsoft also initially wrote that the minimum specifications for PCs that support Windows 11 are those running the eighth generation Intel processors or the second generation AMD Ryzen processors. This provision certainly makes many users of Windows devices with older processors feel left out.

Carley also said that users don't have to bother checking whether their devices are eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11 or not. Later Windows itself will check automatically, and if the device does not meet the requirements then the system will not offer Windows 11 installation.

He stressed that Microsoft will not allow users who insist on installing Windows 11 on incompatible devices by using shortcuts, for example by modifying group policies.

"Group policy will not allow you to circumvent the hardware rules for Windows 11. We will still block you from updating your device to an unsupported state because we want to make sure your device remains supported and secure," explains Carley.

Windows 11 will roll out for free over the holiday season to eligible Windows 10 users. Had caused controversy, Microsoft currently has not provided another update on the device specification requirements that must be met to install Windows 11.

It is also possible that advanced users will find a way to install Windows 11 on incompatible devices. But don't just look for Windows 11 installation files on the internet because there are fake files that contain malware.


7 Website Places To Check Internet Speed

7 Website Places To Check Internet Speed

7 Website Places To Check Internet Speed

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Fast internet is a basic requirement in this day and age. Fast internet is needed in all walks of life, from the teaching and learning process, job needs, to entertainment needs such as streaming movies or playing online games.

How do I test internet speed? Use the 7 websites below to find out. Let's try!

1. is a website that can provide an estimate of your current internet speed.'s main focus is download speed as this is the most relevant thing for people enjoying content on the internet.

It's very easy to find out, just go to then this site will automatically calculate your internet speed. can test internet speed globally on any device, from mobile phones to laptops to smart TVs with a browser.

If you click the "Show more info" button, you can see the upload speed and connection latency (ping). If your internet speed is lower than what your internet service provider (ISP) or internet service provider promises, then you should ask them.

2. SpeedOf.Me
The official website explains that SpeedOf.Me was born in December 2011. At that time, the developer made the first HTML5 broadband speed test. SpeedOf.Me is designed to work on all browsers that support HTML5, from iPhone, Android and Windows devices, as well as desktop browsers.

To test your internet speed, just go to and wait a few moments. The advantage is, you don't need to use Flash / Java, just use HTML5 technology. SpeedOf.Me also has a high degree of accuracy and can be run without installing any application.

3. is a website to test internet speed. To be accurate, they recommend testing 3-4 times. There's no need to download or install anything, just visit and click "Start Speed Test".

After that, will automatically calculate the average download and upload speed. On the same page, the latency, internet provider name, IP address, and server location will also appear. Easy, fast and practical!

4. is a modern DSL speed test for analyzing broadband internet access. has nearly 5000 servers worldwide. This website will test your download speed, upload speed, maximum number of connections per minute, and ping (response time between your computer and the internet).

All tests are performed in the browser via HTTP (TCP), without installing software. The trick is to click and wait a moment. The results will appear a few moments later. It's easy, right?

First established in 2001 under the domain and is addressed at Then, in 2004 it has its own domain and is addressed at In 2005 it changed the address to and changed again to in 2014.

Just like other websites, to test internet speed simply click "Start test". Then, the results will appear in seconds. For more detailed results, click "Shows Detail of This Test".

With SpeedCheck, you can test your internet speed accurately and automatically. Devices that can be tested are cellphones, tablets, and computers, via a browser available on each device. To display accurate results on mobile devices, it is recommended to download the app which is available for both iOS and Android.

Why is that? This is because the browser on mobile devices has poor performance. For the results, you can find out the download and upload speeds, as well as the latency, IP address, and provider used. You can access it via a browser by visiting

7. AT&T Speed Test
Who doesn't know AT&T? It is the largest telecommunications company in the world as well as the largest cellular telephone service provider in the United States through AT&T Communications.

To test internet speed, simply visit and click the "Start" button. In a moment, the results will come out. You can find out the speed of download, upload, and ping and jitter data. Internet speed test on the AT&T website provided by Ookla, LLC.

Well, that's 7 ways to test internet speed via a website. Simple, practical, and free of charge.