IPhone 12 New Design Leaks, Four Cameras, Up to Price

IPhone 12 New Design Leaks, Four Cameras, Up to Price

Render the iPhone 12 which features four rear cameras. (PhoneArena)
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple has just released a trio of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max last September. Now rumors about the next generation of smart phones have begun to circulate a lot.

Some of these leaks, as usual, come from analysts Ming-Chi Kuo who often predict prospective upcoming products from Apple.

The notch section was first introduced through the iPhone X in 2017. The top frame that contains the components of the front camera and Face ID face scanner was continued in the ranks of the iPhone Xs and iPhone 11.

However, for the iPhone 12, Apple reportedly will eliminate the bangs. Face ID components are said to be placed in a small gap between the top frame and the screen, adjacent to the earpiece. The location of the front camera is unknown.

Other sources of leaks mention that the iPhone 12 will still have bangs. However, the size may be smaller, as shown in the custom image below which also displays four cameras on the back.

Rumors say the iPhone 12 screen will come in three sizes, namely 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches all of which are OLED paneled with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz like a gaming cellphone.

Interestingly, it also mentioned that the iPhone 12 screen will have an integrated fingerprint scanner so that it returns the Touch ID function that has been absent since it was replaced by Face ID.

The iPhone 11 Pro line increases the number of cameras from two to three. For the iPhone 12, Apple is predicted to add more numbers to 4 cameras, comparable to the latest Android flagship phones.

The configuration might consist of a wide, ultra wide, telephoto and 3D Tof camera for bokeh effects. Not only that, the resolution of the main camera is also likely to increase to 64 megapixels with the Sony IMX686 sensor.

Well, the four cameras will reportedly be housed in a square module like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but positioned symmetrically, not zigzagging.

iPhone 12, Apple might be pinning System-on-Chip and 5G modems integrated or separately. Reportedly, this 5G modem chip is the result of Apple's own design.

Apple usually launches the latest generation of iPhones in September each year. Therefore, it can be assumed that the introduction of the iPhone 12 will also follow the same pattern.

For the price, there are allegations that the price tag of the iPhone 12 will be more expensive than its predecessor with a difference of 200 to 300 US dollars.

However, there is also a possibility that the higher price only applies to the 5G model, if Apple releases the iPhone 12 in the 4G and 5G variants.

Of course, the information above cannot be ascertained because the truth is only an initial rumor. Over time there will be more leaks circulating about the iPhone 12. We are just waiting for the next development.
Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode

Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode

Google Maps Relates Incognito Mode
illustration Google Maps

Technology-Portfolio.Net - In accordance with its promise, Google has now released a new incognito mode in its Google Maps.

Unfortunately, iOS users have not been able to enjoy this new mode. This is because the incognito mode in Maps is currently only available in the Android version, although it still takes time to be available in its entirety.

Nevertheless, Google Maps will soon present the iOS version, as quoted from the Androidpolice report.

How to activate it quite easily, namely:

1. Update Google Maps on your Android device
2. Tap Your Profile Photo
3. Select Incognito Mode

With the incognito mode on Google Maps, users will be more assured of data, ie places that have been visited by users will not be stored in location history.

Furthermore, the mode that was previously present in Google's search engine will not save a history of place searches that we have done in Google Maps.

In addition, with the arrival of a new incognito mode for Android users, Google Maps has no right to use user information to personalize the experience.

Nevertheless, your location history can still be known, namely by other applications that use GPS to record your location.
iPhone 5G Reinforced 5nm Chipset and Qualcomm X55 Modem

iPhone 5G Reinforced 5nm Chipset and Qualcomm X55 Modem

iPhone 5G Reinforced 5nm Chipset and Qualcomm X55 Modem
illustration of iPhone 5G
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple analysis named Dan Ives claims that the tech giant, Apple, will launch a new flagship iPhone in 2020.

Ives also said that every iPhone that glides later, will be supported with 5G connectivity. In fact, the phone is also said to have a 3D sensing system on the back.

Although it's a bit late from its competitors, Apple will present the iPhone 5G by 2020.

According to a report by the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple mobilized suppliers to ship as many as 80 million 5G iPhones by 2020. The report also informed that Apple will launch three flagship iPhone 5G models that will carry 5G modem chips from Qualcomm.

Apparently the chip that allows this will be a combination of Apple's next generation B14 A14 chip, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem chip. The latest is that the Apple A14 Bionic is rumored to be the company's first chip built with 5nm technology.

This is interesting because Apple and Qualcomm have just resolved their patent dispute in April.

Moving from 7nm to 5nm will allow the chip to hold more technology on a relatively similar surface, making it more efficient.

This might not be the first 5nm chip, because Huawei is expected to unveil the next Kirin processor which will also be built on 5nm technology.

In 2018, Huawei defeated Qualcomm with the world's first 7nm chip, Kirin 980. Then this year, Kirin 990 was the first chip to embed a 5G modem, among many others.

Unknown a few days ago, Apple reported fiscal 2019 fourth quarter earnings, which saw the company earn a record income of $ 64 billion, up 2 percent year-on-year.

But iPhone sales continued to decline compared to last year, generating revenues of $ 33.36 billion, down 9.2 percent. Apple also revealed that it has set new Q4 record earnings in India and several other markets, including the US, Brazil, and various Southeast Asian countries.

Will the presence of the iPhone 5G improve the company going forward? Users have to wait and see when the iPhone 5G launches.
Motorola Releases Moto G8 Plus, One Macro, and Moto E6 Play

Motorola Releases Moto G8 Plus, One Macro, and Moto E6 Play

Motorola Releases Moto G8 Plus, One Macro, and Moto E6 Play

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Motorola has just announced three new new smartphones, namely the Moto G8 Plus, One Macro and Moto E6 Play.

Moto G8 Plus

Moto G8 Plus

Motorola has just announced three new new smartphones, namely the Moto G8 Plus, One Macro and Moto E6 Play.

The Moto G8 Plus is the latest affordable G-series device from Motorola.

The biggest improvement comes with the cellphone camera, which has been upgraded from dual cameras to three cameras behind.

Along with the Moto G8 Plus which is priced at £ 239, Motorola also announced the Motorola One Macro and Moto E6 Play.

The three Moto G8 Plus rear cameras consist of a 48MP f / 1.7 main camera, a 2MP f / 2.2 depth sensor, and an 8MP f / 2.2 ultra wide angle camera with 117 degrees of field of view.

There is also a laser autofocus sensor on the back, while on the front of the device there is a 25MP selfie camera attached in a small bangs above the 6.3 inch 1080p screen.

Motorola has also increased the size of the battery in the G8 Plus, which is now 4,000 mAh, complete with 15W TurboPower fast charging.

Internally, this phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with microSD card storage up to 512GB. This phone will be available starting October 28 in the UK.

Moto One Macro

Moto One Macro

The second cell phone, the Motorola One Macro, has the main feature of a dedicated 2MP macro camera, which according to Motorola can make you focus on objects as close as two centimeters.

In addition to the macro camera, there is also a 13MP f / 2.0 main camera, and a 2MP f / 2.2 depth sensor.

The phone is powered by a MediaTek Helio P70 processor, and is equipped with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 720p 6.2 inch screen and a 4,000 mAh battery.

Like the G8 Plus, this phone will also be available on October 28 for £ 179.

Moto E6 Play

Moto E6 Play

Moto E6 Play is the cheapest among the three newly released devices from Motorola. According to the company, the cellphone will be priced under £ 99, when it is released in the UK in January 2020 and € 109 in Europe.

Mobile phone with a 13MP camera, a 5.5-inch 720p screen and has a 3,000mAh battery. You also get 32GB of internal storage, which can be expanded.