Apr 17, 2024

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android To iPhone

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Switching from an Android-based cellphone to an iPhone with the iOS operating system is not an easy matter. Sometimes there is some data from an Android cellphone that is quite difficult to restore on an iPhone, for example WhatsApp chat data.

Data transfer can be done using a desktop application such as Wondershare Dr Fone. However, the WhatsApp chat transfer service from Android to iPhone via this application is not free or paid.

Some time ago, Meta CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said that his party was rolling out a new feature to WhatsApp that would allow data transfer from an Android cellphone to an iPhone.

Through this feature, users will be able to transfer WhatsApp data, such as chat history, photos, videos, and so on, from Android phones to iPhones more easily.

The feature for moving WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone will later be embedded in an application called Move to iOS made by Apple, which is available on the Google Play Store. Move to iOS is actually not a new application.

Before knowing how to move WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS, you should first understand some of the conditions needed, here are the explanations.

Conditions for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

  • An Android cellphone should at least be running the Android operating system version 5 or later.
  • Your iPhone should be running at least iOS 15.5 or later.
  • On an Android cellphone, at least WhatsApp version or later is used.
  • On iPhone, use at least WhatsApp version or later.
  • Use the same WhatsApp account on your Android phone as on your iPhone.
  • The iPhone that is the target for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android must be in the initial device settings.
  • Both devices, Android cellphone and iPhone must use the same WiFi network.

If you understand the conditions above, here is how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS, as reported on the official WhatsApp FAQ page.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

  • Download the Move to iOS app from Google Play Store, then open it on your Android phone.
  • When the iPhone is in the initial device setup state, select the “Move Data from Android” option on the data recovery menu.
  • Next, the iPhone will display a code to link the devices.
  • Enter the code in the Move to iOS application on your Android cellphone, then click the "Continue" option to start linking the devices.
  • In the “Data Transfer” menu that appears in the Move to iOS application, check the option.
  • “WhatsApp”.
  • Wait a few moments until the data is ready to be exported to iPhone.
  • Click the "Continue" option to start transferring WhatsApp data from Android cellphone to iPhone and wait until the process is confirmed to be complete.
  • Complete the initial iPhone setup sequence until you successfully open the "home" screen.
  • On iPhone, install the latest version of the WhatsApp application downloaded from the App Store.
  • Complete the initial verification process for your WhatsApp account on your iPhone using the same telephone number used on your Android cellphone.
  • If verification is successful, WhatsApp data from the previous Android cellphone will appear on the iPhone.

This is information about how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, along with the necessary conditions, hopefully it is useful.

Mar 15, 2024

Specifications and Prices for the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

Specifications and Prices for the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

Specifications and Prices for the Samsung Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G. These two smartphones are said to come with improved designs and features compared to their predecessors.

The Samsung Galaxy A55 and Samsung Galaxy A35 carry the Key Island design which is said to be Samsung's identity in 2024. Both come with a 6.6 inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Samsung has used a metal frame on the Galaxy A55, while the Galaxy A35 still uses a polycarbonate frame.

However, the Galaxy A35 as the successor to the Galaxy A34 already uses the Infinity O screen design which is usually found on Samsung mid-range devices.

For protection, Samsung has equipped the Galaxy A55 screen with Gorilla Glass Victus, while the Galaxy A35 is protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

Moving to the engine, the Samsung Galaxy A55 is equipped with an Exynos 1480 chipset. The chipset is combined with three memory options, namely 8GB RAM/128GB ROM, 8GB RAM/256GB ROM, and 12GB RAM/256GB ROM.

For the photography department, this smartphone comes with three rear cameras consisting of a 50MP main lens, a 12MP ultra wide lens and a 2MP macro lens. On the front, there is a 32MP selfie camera.

What's interesting is that Samsung has also included the Nightography feature in the Galaxy A55. Usually, this feature is only present on premium class Samsung devices.

As the name suggests, this feature allows users to take clearer and more vivid photos in dim lighting conditions.

Galaxy A55 Camera

The camera capabilities of this Samsung cellphone are also supported by AI Powered Portrait to produce better photo quality.

The HDR video recording capability on this device is also improved in terms of color richness. From previously 10-bit on the Galaxy A54, Samsung has now increased it to 12 bit.

With this capability, Samsung claims that the colors produced from video recording on this device can be more balanced and natural.

There is also dual-recording capability, so users can record video with two cameras at once.

Samsung also provides eSIM support on the Galaxy A55. So, this is the first device from the Galaxy A line that supports electronic SIM.

Samsung Galaxy A35

Samsung Galaxy A35, this smartphone is equipped with the Exynos 1380 chipset which is also used in the Galaxy A54. This cellphone comes with two memory options, namely 8GB RAM/128GB ROM and 8GB RAM/256GB ROM.

For photography, this Samsung smartphone has three rear cameras consisting of a 50MP main lens, an 8MP ultrawide lens and a 5MP macro lens. Selfie needs are left to the 13MP front camera.

In terms of performance support, both the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 are equipped with a 5,000mAh capacity battery that supports 25W fast charging. These two smartphones also run One UI 6.1 based on Android 14.

Samsung promises that these two devices will receive OS updates four times and security updates for up to five years. These two Samsung cellphones have IP67 certification, making them waterproof.

Not only that, Samsung also embedded the Samsung Knox Vault security solution in the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35.

Knox Vault itself is a hardware and software-based security solution that works by building an isolated environment from the main processor and main memory.

Thus, this system can help users protect personal data more securely, including lock screen credentials, such as PIN codes, passwords and patterns.

Samsung Knox Security Support on Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35

The Galaxy A55 and Galaxy are also secured by Samsung Know, which is known as a multi-layered security platform. One of the security features that Samsung also presents is Auto Blocker.

As the name suggests, this feature helps users block application installation attempts from unauthorized sources.

This feature also provides application security checks by scanning for potential malware and blocking potentially dangerous installations.

This latest Samsung cellphone comes in three color choices, namely awesome iceblue, awesome lilac, and awesome navy.

Samsung ensures that these two devices are offered at prices that are no different from their predecessors. To find out more about the prices of the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35, see the following information:

Samsung Galaxy A55 Price

  • RAM 8GB/ROM 128GB : 384 USD
  • RAM 8GB/ROM 256GB : 416 USD
  • RAM 12GB/ROM 256GB : 441 USD

Samsung Galaxy A35 Price

  • RAM 8GB/ROM 128GB : 319 USD
  • RAM 8GB/ROM 256GB : 352 USD

Mar 7, 2024

Redmi Note 13 Pro Series 5G Specifications with 200 Mega Pixel Main Camera

Redmi Note 13 Pro Series 5G Specifications with 200 Mega Pixel Main Camera

Redmi Note 13 Pro Series 5G Specifications with 200 Mega Pixel Main Camera

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Xiaomi officially launched the Redmi Note 13 Series smartphone globally. The five variants of the Redmi Note 13 Series, namely Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G, Redmi Note 13 5G, and Redmi Note 13 4G.

The Redmi Note 13 Series also comes with two camera options, namely 108MP for the Redmi Note 13 5G and Redmi Note 13 variants, while 200MP for the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G and Redmi Note 13 Pro variants.

By featuring a 200MP main camera with OIS in the class of a flagship smartphone, this is very suitable for users who like to explore in expressing content, even in unstable situations, but can produce quality photos.

Apart from that, the three variants of the Redmi Note 13 Pro series are also equipped with 2x/4x in-sensor zoom. That way, users can focus on the main subject in the photo without losing quality, such as enlarging the tip of a tower from a large landscape photo and then cropping it and the result is that the photo quality will not be broken.

Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 13 5G and Redmi Note 13 variants are equipped with a 108MP triple camera, each of which is ready to provide an iconic experience by capturing detailed images.

The five Redmi Note 13 Series are supported by an 8MP ultra-wide camera and a 2MP macro camera which can ensure users get the best results from every photo opportunity. Meanwhile, the front camera of the Redmi Note 13 Series is equipped with a 16MP selfie camera which provides comprehensive iconic images.

Curved Display Screen

The Redmi Note 13 Series has a stunning screen display because every detail is visible with vivid colors and extraordinary screen clarity. In addition, the Redmi Note 13 Pro Series has a 1.5K AMOLED curved display and 1800 nits peak brightness and is equipped with a 120Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate for smooth scrolling on the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G.

The AMOLED screen of the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G also has a resolution of 1.5K exceeding the clarity of FHD+ in general and is equipped with a 120Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate. Not only that, the Redmi Note 13 Pro has an AMOLED FHD+ screen and a 120Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate for a smooth and comfortable screen scrolling experience.

Redmi Note 13 Pro also comes with three certifications from TÜV Rheinland: Flicker Free, Circadian Friendly, and Low Blue Light certifications to ensure a comfortable visual experience over long periods of use.

Redmi Note 13 5G and Redmi Note 13 also have an AMOLED FHD+ screen with refresh rate capability of up to 120Hz and an ultra-thin bezel which is suitable for comfortable content capture in various lighting conditions as well as watching and scrolling content on social media.

Long Battery Life and Powerful Performance

The battery capacity for the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G variant is up to 5100mAh and for the other four series the battery capacity is 5000mAh. Not only that, the Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is supported by a fast charger up to 120W hyper-charge.

Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G and Redmi Note 13 Pro are equipped with 67W fast-charging which promises to stay active all day long. Then the Redmi Note 13 5G and Redmi Note 13 are equipped with 33W fast-charging.

In terms of processor, the Redmi Note 13 5G and Redmi Note 13 provide a faster experience, stable internet connection, and smoother multitasking capabilities because they carry a MediaTek Dimensity 6080 processor that supports advanced 5G performance.

Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 13 is equipped with a Snapdragon 685 Mobile Platform processor which provides high performance for running various applications and games that require large computing power.

With various advantages offered, the Redmi Note 13 Series is presented as a smartphone series that can be adapted to your lifestyle. And with a variety of models, including a compact option for one-handed use and a Pro+ variant for an immersive multimedia experience, the Redmi Note 13 series models are perfect for every iconic lifestyle.

And for the price itself, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G is priced starting from US$384, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G starts from US$281, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G starts from US$243, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 5G starts from USD205, and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4G starts at US$179.

Sep 7, 2023

Infinix Zero 30 Smartphone 50MP Front Camera With 5G Network

Infinix Zero 30 Smartphone 50MP Front Camera With 5G Network

Infinix Zero 30 Smartphone 50MP Front Camera With 5G Network

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Infinix Zero 30 5G has been officially introduced as Infinix's newest smartphone for the global market. This latest generation of Infinix Zero comes with a number of updates.

One of the improvements offered by this smartphone is the ability to record 4K/60 FPS video that applies to the front and rear cameras.

The Infinix Zero 30 5G is here to challenge the resolution of photography and video on mid-range smartphones.

Not only that, this smartphone is also supported by a capable front camera in its class. It is hoped that the presence of this capability will support the younger generation in telling their own stories via video.

Equipped with a 50MP front camera and capable of taking 4K 60 fps video, this is the most powerful front camera on a smartphone ," said Anish at the launch of the Infinix Zero 30 5G in Venice, Italy.

Meanwhile, for videography needs on the rear camera, there is a 108MP resolution lens that is supported by OIS capabilities, plus a 13MP ultra wide lens and a 2MP lens.

Having a 6.78 inch AMOLED screen with a curved design, this Infinix HP is supported by a 5,000mAh capacity battery.

Infinix has equipped this smartphone with camera capabilities and features that can support its users' videography needs, especially for vlogging needs.

Please note, the Zero 30 is equipped with a 50MP resolution front camera. This smartphone camera is equipped with 4K 60 fps video recording capabilities to produce smoother, brighter and more detailed videos.

The front camera of this smartphone uses a Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor and supports PDAF. Don't want to be left behind, this smartphone's rear camera also offers similar capabilities.

Infinix Zero 30 5G is available in three color options, namely Golden Hour, Rome Green and Fantasy Purple . To provide a better experience, Infinix has also embedded dual stereo speakers in this device.

May 2, 2022

Vivo S15e Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Vivo S15e Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Vivo S15e Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Vivo S15e is officially launched in China. This is a new Vivo phone aimed at the mid-range.

Vivo S15e features a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, Full HD + resolution or 1080 x 2400 pixels, and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

The Vivo S15e carries a 50MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide camera, and a 2MP macro camera on the back. While the front camera has a 16MP resolution with a water drop notch design or water drop bangs.

The Vivo S15e is powered by the Samsung Exynos 1080 chipset which is paired with 8GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB, and 12GB/256GB storage variants. The phone runs OriginOS Ocean based on Android 11.

The battery has a capacity of 4,700mAh with 66W Flash Charge. Other features embedded are 5G, dual SIM, USB-C, NFC, and up to a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

The price of the Vivo S15e 8GB/128GB option is sold at 1,999 Yuan or USD 302, the 8GB/256GB version is priced at 2,299 Yuan or USD 347, and 12GB/256GB can be purchased for 2,499 Yuan or USD 378. The phone is available in Flourite Black, Ice Crystal Blue, and Rime Gold color variants.
Huawei Mate Xs 2 Folding Phone is Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Huawei Mate Xs 2 Folding Phone is Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Huawei Mate Xs 2 Folding Phone is Officially Launched, Here are the Specifications

Technology-Portfolio.Net - The Huawei Mate Xs 2 foldable phone has been officially launched in China. This is the successor smartphone to Huawei Mate Xs which was released two years ago.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 still carries the same folding design as the previous model. The screen can be folded outward, in contrast to ordinary folding phones whose screens are bent inward.

When folded, the outer screen measures 6.5 inches. When stretched, the screen size reaches 7.8 inches.

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 screen is OLED, 2480 x 2200 pixels when unfolded and 2480 x 1176 pixels when folded, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, 424 ppi pixel density, and displays 1.07 billion colors.

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 offers a 50MP main camera, a 13MP ultrawide camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera on the back. Then the front camera has a 10MP resolution with a punch hole design in the upper right corner.

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 is powered by the Snapdragon 888 chip paired with 8GB/256GB, 8GB/512GB, and 12GB/512GB storage options. The phone runs the HarmonyOS 2 operating system.

The battery is 4,600mAh and 4,880mAh for the special Collector's edition. Both versions are equipped with a 66W charger that is claimed to be able to charge 90 percent in 30 minutes.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 also supports the Huawei M-Pen 2s Stylus smart pen which comes with a pressure sensor of up to 4096. This pen has an 82mAh battery that can be used for 10 hours and offers a standby time of up to 40 days.

Features of the Huawei Mate Xs 2 include tri-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and USB Type-C. Even though Snapdragon 888 supports 5G internet, this phone can only run 4G networks.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 comes in three different colors namely Elegant black, Brocade white, and Frost purple. They can also be matched with a protective case and leather bracket of the same color that doubles as a stand for the folding device.

Huawei Mate Xs 2 Price in China

  • 8GB + 256GB = 9999 yuan or USD 1513
  • 8GB + 512GB = 11,499 yuan or USD 1740
  • 12GB + 512GB = 12,999 yuan or USD 1967

While the price of the Huawei M-Pen 2s Stylus is sold at 599 yuan or USD 90. The phone is available in Elegant black, Brocade white, and Frost purple color variants.

Mar 23, 2022

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

WhatsApp Prepares The Language Change Feature From The Application

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature called App Language. As the name suggests, this feature allows users to change the language in the application.

This new Whatsapp feature was first discovered by WABetaInfo in the beta version of Android v2.22.8.3. It is stated that this option allows users to manually change the language of the application.

WhatsApp itself supports 60 languages in the world for Android devices. This language setting is automatic according to the system language.

With this App Language setting, the WhatsApp application language can be changed as desired without the need to follow the language on the cellphone system, as reported by Beebom.

This feature is similar to one of the options in Android 13, which allows users to change the language in each App. This feature is already in developer preview form, and still needs improvement.

WABetaInfo reports that the WhatsApp App Language feature is still in the development stage. So it is not known when this feature will be released to all users.

Mar 9, 2022

Apple Officially Introduces The Green iPhone 13

Apple Officially Introduces The Green iPhone 13

Apple Officially Introduces The Green iPhone 13

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple today announced two beautiful new colors for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, alpine green and green.

The iPhone 13 lineup features a sleek design made even more durable with a Ceramic Shield front cover and A15 Bionic chip.

Plus, a state-of-the-art 5G experience, a state-of-the-art camera system for stunning photos and videos, and a huge jump in battery life.
The new alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and green iPhone 13 will be available for pre-order this Friday, March 11, with availability starting next Friday, March 18.

"People love the design of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13, and we're excited to unveil a stunning new green and alpine green finish, joining the beautiful colors of the iPhone 13 lineup," said Bob Borchers, VP of Worldwide Product Marketing. Apple.

According to him, these new colors give customers more choice when choosing their iPhone.

Sophisticated and Durable Design

The Phone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 have a sleek and durable design.

The new alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, made using multiple layers of nanometer-scale metallic ceramic applied over the entire surface.

Both models feature the most advanced display ever on an iPhone, Super Retina XDR with ProMotion, and are available in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes.

The green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini feature an elegant color-matched aluminum frame and precision-crafted glass back, a vibrant Super Retina XDR display, and are available in 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch sizes.

The entire product range is also protected by a Ceramic Shield front cover and maintains an industry-leading IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 are powered by the A15 Bionic chip, which enables incredible experiences like Cinematic mode, offers fantastic graphics, and is tightly integrated with iOS 15.

The A15 Bionic efficiently handles the toughest tasks, is capable of faster machine learning and with a custom-built image signal processor (ISP).

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Coupled with powerful camera hardware, enabling camera features such as Smart HDR 4, Photography Style, and more.

With A15 Bionic, more power efficient components and power optimization made possible by tight integration between hardware and software.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 offer even better battery life, including the best battery life ever on an iPhone with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Most Advanced Camera System on iPhone

With top-notch camera hardware optimized to work seamlessly with iOS 15, and supported by the new ISP in the A15 Bionic, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 offer the most advanced dual and pro camera systems ever on iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max introduce new Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto cameras that capture stunning photos and videos, and enable impressive new pro camera capabilities such as macro photography and video.

The dual camera system on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini represents a major leap forward in camera design, with the Wide camera featuring the largest sensor ever in an iPhone dual-camera system, a custom-designed Ultra Wide camera, and sensor-shift optical image stabilization.

Powered by the faster Neural Engine in the A15 Bionic, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 offer advanced computational photography features, including Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion, Night mode on all cameras across the lineup, Portrait mode with Portrait Lighting, and Photography Styles.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max also feature Apple ProRAW.

Offering the highest quality video on a smartphone, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 introduce Cinematic mode, providing a beautiful bokeh effect in videos, with the ability for users to adjust focus during and after capture.

iPhone is also the world's first smartphone to offer a full Dolby Vision HDR workflow, and with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, users can also take advantage of ProRes.

Featuring iOS 15

The alpine green iPhone 13 Pro and green iPhone 13 ship with iOS 15.4, which offers the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask, new Siri voice options, expanded language support for Visual Lookup, new emoji, and more.

These new software features build on the release of iOS 15, which enhances the iPhone experience with more ways to stay connected, advanced updates that help users focus and explore, and smart features to get more done with iPhone.

Now that FaceTime calls feel more natural with spatial audio and Portrait mode, SharePlay lets users share experiences with friends and family when making FaceTime calls.

Focus helps users reduce distractions, notifications have been redesigned, and Live Text has the ability to recognize text in photos and allow users to take action.
Apple Officially Releases iPhone SE 2022 With 5G Technology

Apple Officially Releases iPhone SE 2022 With 5G Technology

Apple Officially Releases iPhone SE 2022 With 5G Technology

Technology-Portfolio.Net - The iPhone SE 2022 comes with a single 12-megapixel f/1.8 camera on the back panel, but gets some software-based photography improvements, thanks to a newer processor.

Deep Fusion and HDR 4 are now included, which offer better handling of high-contrast scenes and noise reduction, and they're both included on the iPhone 13.

Apple also says the A15 chipset helps improve battery life and the phone has a bigger battery.

iPhone SE 2022 is capable of up to 13 hours of video playback, up to 8 hours of streaming video playback, and up to 40 hours of audio playback.

For comparison, the iPhone SE (2022) has a battery capacity of 1,821 mAh.

Although Apple did not mention the exact number, if you look at the same size, most likely so will the battery capacity.

The new iPhone SE retains its IP67 rating for water resistance and still includes a Touch ID sensor for biometric unlocking.

Apple calls the glass on the front and back of the phone the "toughest glass on a smartphone".

Qi wireless charging is still supported, although it doesn't have MagSafe.

Pre-orders begin this Friday, March 11, and the iPhone SE will ship on March 18.

The iPhone SE 2022 is an affordable 4.7-inch smartphone in Apple's class for $429 dollars.

Feb 11, 2022

Leaked New Android 13 Features

Leaked New Android 13 Features

Leaked New Android 13 Features

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Google has just released the Android 12 operating system at the end of last year. But its successor, Android 13 , has been widely leaked to the public.

A report from Android Police reveals that there are several new features appearing in Android 13, which may be named Tiramisu.

There are at least three new features of Android 13 that have been leaked.

QR Code Scanner

Google seems to want to make it easier for users to scan QR codes faster.

You can directly scan the QR code without the need for a built-in application.

Previously, this feature was provided by Google through the Google Lens application.

If your Android phone doesn't have Google Lens, they have to install it first in order to scan the QR code.

In the latest leak, this QR code scanner feature will be obtained on the lock screen or lock screen.
Unfortunately, it is not explained how it works in more detail whether this feature does appear in the new application or is simply directed to the Google Lens application.


Tap to transfer or tap to transfer this works to find out the closest device to the sender.

This feature is usually intended for sending files or searching for audio devices near the user.

In fact, it's similar to the Hand od Audio that Apple made into the HomePod smart speaker.

This feature allows you to connect to the speaker, by bringing the phone closer to the device.

In its report, the feature works with Google audio devices such as Chromecast speakers.

Unfortunately, it is not known how it works, whether using the Ultra-wideband (UWB) chip in smartphones or Near Field Communication (NFC).

Audio Output Picker

Reports say that this feature will be redesigned. Previously, Google has released audio output on the Android 10 operating system.

This feature displays a list of available devices to connect by turning on the music.

Usually, this feature displays devices such as smart speakers, wireless earbuds, and other devices near the phone.

Feb 5, 2022

Price and Specifications Reno7 and Reno7 Pro

Price and Specifications Reno7 and Reno7 Pro

Price and Specifications Reno7 and Reno7 Pro

Technology-Portfolio.Net - After launching in its hometown, China in November 2021, the Oppo Reno7 is now starting to push into other markets.

The price of the Reno7 is in the price range of US$381 to US$534. While the specifications of the Reno7 itself, as previously reported, differ from one country to another.

The Reno7 family comes in only two variants. The first is the regular Reno7 and the second, the Oppo Reno7 Pro which has higher specifications and a more expensive price. This is different from in China, where the Reno7 SE is also available which is sold at a lower price.

Price and Specifications Reno7 and Reno7 Pro

Specifications Reno7

  • Screen
    Oppo Reno7 screen uses a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen. It is claimed to have a refresh rate of 90Hz and a touch sampling rate of 180Hz.

  • Camera
    is equipped with three rear cameras, each with a power of 64 MP, 8 MP (ultrawide) and 2 MP with a macro function. While the front camera has a resolution of 32 MP.

  • Engine
    For the kitchen runway, Reno7 relies on the Dimensity 900 chip. This is different from the Chinese version which uses Snapdragon 778. The internal memory is 256 GB and 8 GB RAM.

  • Battery
    For operating endurance, the Reno7 uses a 4500 mAh battery with 65 fast charging technology.

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  • Specifications Reno7 Pro

  • Screen
    Reno7 Pro screen has a slightly wider screen, with a 6.5-inch stretch horizontally. The screen is made of Amoled panels. The refresh rate is 90Hz, the same as the regular variant.

  • Camera
    The 50 MP camera, which is also used on the Oppo Find X3 Pro, is now the main camera for the Reno7 Pro. Meanwhile, as a support, there is an 8 MP camera with ultrawide functions and 2 MP for macro functions. While the front camera uses a 32MP camera made by Sony.

  • Engine
    processor engine used by Reno7 Pro is the Dimensity 1200 Max which already has 5G technology. This chip is assisted by 12 GB of RAM and 156 GB of internal memory. Reno 7 Pro's RAM can be expanded to 19 GB using Dynamic RAM expansion technology.

  • Battery
    Just like the regular variant, the Reno 7 Pro uses a 4500 mAh battery, with 65W fast charging technology.

  • The Reno 7 will be available starting February 8. While the new Reno7 Pro went on sale on February 17th.

    Jan 28, 2022

    Leaked Samsung A23 Specifications With 50MP Camera

    Leaked Samsung A23 Specifications With 50MP Camera

    Leaked Samsung A23 Specifications With 50MP Camera

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - Samsung is reportedly preparing a successor to the Galaxy A22 . A number of improvements will be given to this phone called the Galaxy A23 , one of which is a 50 MP camera.

    When released last year, the Galaxy A22 used a 48 MP camera equipped with OIS. While the Galaxy A23 will use a 50 MP camera with a sensor from SK Hynix.

    This is the first time for the South Korean semiconductor component company to supply a 50 MP sensor. Previously SK Hynix supplied sensors ranging from 10 MP to 20 MP resolution.

    SK Hynix itself started supplying Samsung starting in 2019. They supplied the low end sensor for the front camera on the Galaxy A and M series. Last year, they supplied the 13 MP camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

    Back to the Galaxy A23, later the 50 MP sensor will also be equipped with OIS. In addition there are three other cameras mounted on the back.

    There is a 5 MP ultra-wide camera, 2 MP macro and 2 MP depth. While on the front, there is an 8 MP camera.

    According to information circulating, the Galaxy A23 will be launched in the first quarter of 2022, possibly around February or March. This phone is said to be debuting in India and will most likely be released in Indonesia. We'll just have to wait for it to appear in the country.

    The Galaxy A22 5G itself will be launched in Indonesia in June 2021. This phone carries a 6.6-inch LCD screen with Full HD + resolution. Although it still adopts the Infinity U Display notch, this HP screen already supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

    Embedded three cameras on the front. The composition consists of a 48 MP main camera coupled with a 5 MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2 MP depth. For selfie needs, an 8 MP camera is provided.

    Samsung capitalizes it with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset. There are three RAM options provided, namely 4 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB. While the internal memory is available in a choice of 64 GB and 128 GB, both are equipped with a microSD slot to increase storage capacity up to 1 TB.

    A 5,000 mAh battery is built in with support for 15W fast charging. For security, there is a fingerprint sensor that is integrated with the power button, and in order to maximize the sound to the ear, the Dolby Atmos feature is provided.

    Jan 15, 2022

    Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

    Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

    Apple Officially Releases iOS 15.2.1 Update

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple has released software updates for iOS 15.2.1 and iPadOS 15.2.1, for iPhone and iPad devices.

    Through this update, Apple brings a number of fixes to address the loopholes and bugs found in iOS 15.2. One of them is a bug fix where photos from iCloud Link fail to load when sent via message.

    iCloud Link itself is a service that allows users to share photos and videos via iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and the iCloud.com site.

    This service is temporary, so all photos shared via iCloud Link will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

    After successfully saved in iCloud Link, users can copy the link ( link ) of the photo or video to be shared via messages in Messages or Mail services. However, due to a bug , iOS users who receive photos via a link in the Messages service are often unable to load the photo in question.

    This is of course very annoying because users can't see photos included in short messages sent by other people.

    This iOS 15.2.1 also addresses a bug found in the HomeKit protocol. The bug is a loophole that can make an iPhone or iPad not work.

    Through the loophole, a malicious individual could change the name of a HomeKit-compatible device to more than 500,000 characters. This can cause the device to malfunction.

    Other fixes focus on third-party CarPlay app services that sometimes struggle to respond to user input.

    The presence of this bug seems quite annoying, considering the high reports from iPhone users who complain of similar problems.

    iOS 15.2.1 Update

    Usually, iOS updates can be obtained automatically. This is indicated by the appearance of a special notification on the device But if you don't get it, users can update the system manually.

    To do this, users can access the Settings menu > General > Software update.

    The iOS 15.2.1 update is about 970 MB in size.

    Devices from Apple that are already compatible in the iOS 15.2.1 list are revealed in the sector on the iPhone 13 starting from iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE (Gen 2), iPhone SE (1st Gen), iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPod touch (Gen 7).

    While tablet devices will be available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (Gen 5, Gen 4, Gen 3, Gen 2, Gen 1), iPad Pro 11 inch (Gen 3, Gen 2, Gen 1), iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, iPad (Gen 5, Gen 6, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9), iPad Air (Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4), iPad mini (Gen 4, Gen 5, Gen 6).

    Jan 14, 2022

    Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

    Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

    Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - Instagram is testing a new feature called Edit Grid. This feature will be very useful for Instagram users who want to have an aesthetic profile feed.

    Currently this feature is still in the development stage. But developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi managed to dig into it to show how this feature looks and works before it is rolled out.

    In a tweet on his Twitter account, Paluzzzi shared two screenshots showing this feature. The first screenshot shows the edit profile page showing a new option called Edit Grid.

    If the user selects this option, they can change the order of the photos on the profile page. Instead of bothering to delete or archive photos, users can simply drag-and-drop the photos they want to move to make their profiles look neater and more aesthetic, as quoted from XDA Developers, Thursday (13/1/2022).

    Currently, Instagram has not shared information about this new feature. But chances are they will reveal more information once this feature is ready to roll out.

    Instagram Tries Edit Grid Feature to Create A More Aesthetic Feed

    As it is still in development stage, this feature will be rolled out to beta testers first before it is released to all users. It is also possible that this feature will be canceled for one reason or another.

    In addition to the edit grid feature, Instagram is also testing three ways to sort content in the main feed, namely by upload time chronology, based on a proposed algorithm, and based on the order of favorite accounts. These three new feed views will roll out in the second half of 2022.
    Xiaomi Officially Introduces Redmi Note 11S and Will Launch Soon

    Xiaomi Officially Introduces Redmi Note 11S and Will Launch Soon

    Xiaomi Officially Introduces Redmi Note 11S and Will Launch Soon

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - After a lot of rumors, the Redmi Note 11S is finally confirmed to be launching in the near future. This was known after the official Xiaomi India Twitter account uploaded a poster of the phone this week.

    The poster shows a photo of the back of a new cellphone, complete with the words, "Redmi" and "New Note 1s Com1ng". The poster was uploaded on Twitter on Thursday (13/1/2022).

    Unfortunately, there is no further information from Xiaomi or its representatives in India about the launch time or specifications of the Redmi Note 11S.

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    But from the uploaded poster, it is known that the Redmi Note 11S will have four rear cameras. According to rumors, the main camera of this phone will be as strong as 108 MP. While the other cameras will have 8 MP and 2 MP resolutions, with macro functions.

    This phone is certified in NBTC (Thailand), BIS (India) and Eurasian Economic Area (EEC). As per a report from GSMArena, the Redmi Note 11s appeared on the official website carrying the device model number 2201117SG.

    Another rumor says that the Redmi Note 11 will be available in three variants, based on the amount of RAM and internal memory or ROM. The three are 6GB/64GB, then 6GB/128GB and finally 8GB/128GB.

    This phone will be equipped with MIUI 13 operating system.

    Meanwhile, as the main kitchen, the Redmi Note 11S is thought to be powered by a Mediatek processor. Rumors about this processor are still very vague, some say Helio G95, but others suspect Dimensity 810 - the same as on the Redmi Note 11 which will launch in October 2021 in China.

    Speculations are circulating claiming that the Redmi Note 11S could have an AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. These are still just leaks and predictions so we need to wait for the teaser regarding the Redmi Note 11s.

    Jan 13, 2022

    Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

    Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

    Getting To Know More About and Benefits Of VoIP Business Phone System

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - VoIP technology is one of the results of the development of the latest technology today. This technology will make it easier for you to communicate. To help you take advantage of this technology, you can read detailed reviews and benefits of VoIP technology for the communication process.

    Knowing IP Phone or VoIP Technology
    VoIP technology is the latest modern communication technology. VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol which is often referred to as IP telephone or digital phone. This technology is voice that will be sent and converted into data first and then sent to the recipient via the internet network. This VoIP technology will change the voice with the help of internet protocol. VoIP has been implemented in various types of open source standards and procedures with various benefits for communicating.

    VoIP This is different from standard telephones that use the traditional public telephone network (PSTN).

    This digital IP-based telephone service uses control protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) or various other proprietary protocols.

    The Benefits of Using VoIP Technology
    VoIP-based telephone technology offers Internet connection-based telephone technology with various advantages compared to the old conventional system. There are some tangible benefits when you use VoIP technology to communicate.

    Easy to Install and Configure
    One of the benefits of using VoIP technology is the ease of installation of this technology. Installation of this technology is quite easy and simple for those of you who have knowledge of mediocre technology. Instead of using a landline, you can install this technology application. You can set it up as easily as an IP phone and it's simple to configure. After that, you can immediately take advantage of it.

    Has Affordable Call and Telephone Costs
    Another benefit of using VoIP technology is that the cost of calls and telephone calls is quite affordable with the installation of IP Phone technology. You can save costs when using this VoIP technology service. Long distance calls with this technology are much lower than those of landlines. You can even save on monthly bills from your landline after you use this technology. This benefit is very real felt by many people.

    Can Carry Numbers Easily
    Do you want to travel? When you want to go, of course, a lot of things to bring including your phone with VoIP technology. Now you don't have to be afraid of not being able to communicate easily without the help of this technology because this VoIP phone system makes it easy for you to access the portal website easily and reinstall the system whenever you want. This has a great impact on your travel schedule because the number from this technology system can be carried with you when you travel. Calls with this phone number can be diverted wherever you go because this system is already cloud-based so it is more flexible.

    Clear Sound Quality
    Not only practical, this VoIP technology also steals your attention with other benefits. You can make calls or communicate with internet-based technology with a smooth and clear voice. Voice quality with VoIP technology is very good even though the distance is quite far. You are like talking to the person in front of you or beside you.

    Free of Charge
    This technology has good scalability. This internet calling service is very scalable, making it easier for you to estimate. You can use a different number when using this technology. This technology-based communication is free of charge so you save much more.

    Easy to Manage and Organize
    Another benefit is that it makes it easier for you to manage and manage VoIP technology in your communication system. All receipts of incoming and outgoing calls will be properly recorded and managed on the computer.

    Offering Various Facilities
    In addition, this technology also offers various facilities for this internet-based telephone. The first facility is speed dial, which makes it easy for you to make calls without pressing the number or numbers of the recipient. Limit duration is useful for limiting your phone time. Limit destination is also a good feature to limit the number of your phone destination. Meanwhile, the time limit is useful for giving a limit on how long the internet phone usage can be. The last facility is multi-password which is useful for managing phone users by password.

    Easy to Communicate
    The last benefit of VoIP technology is that it makes it easier for you to communicate with anyone and anywhere. Communication can be done both in big cities, small towns, or in villages. Even communication can be done between continents and countries. Surely you will feel much closer to your friends, family, and girlfriends who are far away.

    Components and Software
    VoIP Phone consists of hardware and software components. The software requires standard networking components such as a TCP/IP network stack, client implementations for DHCP, and the Domain Name System (DNS). In addition, VoIP signaling protocol stacks, such as for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, Skinny Client Control Protocol (Cisco), and Skype, are required. For media flow, Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) is used in most VoIP systems. For voice and media encoding, various encodings are available, such as for audio: G.711 , GSM , iLBC, Speex , G.729 , G.722 , G.722.2 (AMR-WB), other audio codecs, and for H video. 263 , H.263 + , H.264 . The user interface software controls the operation of the hardware components, and can respond to user actions with messages to the display screen.

    STUN Client
    To enable VoIP communication, SIP/RTP packets must be used and STUN client will be a key component for VoIP communication with SIP/RTP packet management. A Session Traversal Utility for NAT (STUN) clients is used on some SIP based VoIP phones as a firewall on network interfaces sometimes blocking SIP/RTP packets. Some special mechanism is required in this case to enable SIP packet routing from one network to another. STUN is used in some sip phones to enable SIP/RTP packets across the boundary of two different IP networks. A packet becomes unroutable between two sip elements if one network uses a private IP address range and the other is in a public IP address range. Stun is a mechanism to activate this border traversal. There are alternative mechanisms for NAT traversal, STUN is just one of them. STUN or any other NAT traversal mechanism is not required when two connected SIP phones can be routed to each other and there is no firewall in between.

    DHCP Client
    DHCP client software simplifies device connection to IP networks. The software automatically configures the network parameters and VoIP services.

    How VoIP Phone System Technology Works
    VoIP technology is able to convert various analog voices received directly from the speakers on the computer into data. Then, the data packet will continue the voice through the router with the help of the internet network to be received by the recipient of the call. The transmission of the signal to this destination must be done digitally, i.e. the voice is converted into digital data before being sent. Those are some things about Phone or VoIP technology.

    Jan 4, 2022

    Specifications and Prices Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X

    Specifications and Prices Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X

    Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X Specifications and Prices

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - After months of leaks and rumors, Xiaomi 12 series is now officially introduced with three entries, namely Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X. The regular model takes a more compact approach with a 6.28-inch display while still using the best Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip.

    While the Xiaomi 12 Pro increases the screen size to 6.73 inches and also offers the same SoC but also adds an LTPO AMOLED display, bigger battery, faster charging and more capable camera hardware.

    And finally the more budget-friendly Xiaomi 12X comes with a Snapdragon 870 SoC and the size and specifications are similar to the Xiaomi 12.

    Xiaomi 12

    The Xiaomi 12 comes with the smallest screen on a Xiaomi flagship since the Xiaomi Mi 8 which will be welcomed by fans of compact flagships. Samsung's 6.28-inch AMOLED panel supports FHD+ resolution and refreshes up to 120Hz. There's an under-display fingerprint scanner while Corning's Gorilla Glass Victus is there to fend off scratches.

    The Xiaomi 12 features the familiar 50MP Sony IMX 766 sensor found in some 2021 flagships from the major Android makers. It is a 1/1.56” sensor with 1.0µm pixels and OIS. The two additional sensors are a 13MP ultrawide camera and a 50mm equivalent 5MP tele-macro camera.

    Xiaomi engineers managed to shrink the motherboard while still installing a properly sized cooling component and all the other important components. The smaller Xiaomi 12 gets a 4,500mAh battery with 67W wired fast charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W reverse wireless charging. Xiaomi 12 series phones will ship with the new MIUI 13.

    The Xiaomi 12 series comes in black, blue and pink colors. There is a special green vegan skin version for both phones. The entry-level Xiaomi 12 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage retails for CNY 3,699 (US$ 581). There's a middle 8/256GB model priced at CNY 3,999 (US$ 629) while the trim 12/256GB is CNY 4,399 (US$ 692).

    Xiaomi 12 Pro

    The 6.73-inch panel of the Pro model comes with a resolution of 1440p and uses an LTPO 2.0 backplane which allows a variable refresh rate of 1-120Hz depending on the task at hand. The Xiaomi 12 Pro also comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner and Gorilla Glass Victus protection. Both Xiaomi 12 phones produce 12-bit color and can deliver up to 1,500 nits of brightness.

    The Xiaomi 12 Pro brings three 50MP cameras with a Sony IMX707 sensor for the main camera. It measures 1/1.28” and supports pixel binning with one large 2.44µm pixel and OIS. The second 50MP sensor is a portrait lens while the third carries an ultrawide module.

    CyberFocus is Xiaomi's self-developed fast autofocus technology that successfully locks the subject's face and other background elements. Xiaomi also boasts of a new night mode algorithm that should capture more light in dimly lit areas while keeping noise levels under control. There's a 4,600mAh battery split into two cells that charges at 120W via cable and up to 50W wirelessly. Xiaomi has also added a built-in Surge P1 charging chip to help with power management.

    The Xiaomi 12 Pro starts at the 8/128GB trim which retails for CNY 4,699 (US$739), the 8/256GB model is CNY 4,999 (US$786) and the top-spec 12/256GB model is CNY 5,399 (US$849).

    Xiaomi 12X

    The Xiaomi 12X is the third member of the Xiaomi 12 series. It is a trimmed-down version of the Xiaomi 12. Still the same 6.28-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, 50MP triple camera setup, and a 4,500mAh battery with 67W charging. The main difference comes in the chipset department where the 12X runs on the Snapdragon 870 instead of the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip. No wireless charging or reverse wireless charging at 12X. The Xiaomi 12 X also comes in the same black, blue and pink colors as its sibling. Starting at CNY 3,199 (US$ 503) for the 8/128GB trim and a maximum of CNY 3,799 (US$ 597) for the version with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

    Sep 3, 2021

    Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

    Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

    Twitter Prepares New Feature To Hide Old Tweets

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is planning to prepare a new feature to give users more privacy options. This option offers to hide old tweets so that they are not visible to other users after a certain amount of time.

    Twitter also includes options that allow users to limit who can see the tweets the user likes, remove themselves from conversations, and let users delete followers without blocking them outright.

    The new feature is part of a series of social privacy changes that aim to make users more comfortable engaging on Twitter.

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    Internal research on Twitter seems to find that many users don't even know whether their account is public or private.

    There is no timeline for when these features will be released as they are still in the concept phase.

    However, Twitter is reportedly planning to start letting users remove themselves from conversations on Twitter by the end of the year and remove followers without blocking them this month.

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    "Our focus on social privacy was inspired by the feedback we received through global research studies conducted to better understand user perceptions and needs for privacy around the world. We will begin testing some of these features as soon as next week," Twitter said. >
    Over the past year, Twitter has been testing several features, including monetization that started rolling out last week and subscription-based Super Follows that launched in the United States.

    Aug 30, 2021

    Leaked iPhone 13 Series Price

    Leaked iPhone 13 Series Price

    Leaked iPhone 13 Series Price

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - Apple will soon launch the iPhone 13, iPhone 13, Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini in September.

    A recent report mentions the leaked price of the iPhone 13 series.

    The cheapest price appears on the iPhone 13 Mini with a tag of US$850.

    This phone comes with 64 GB of internal memory.

    On the other hand, the most expensive price has been assigned to the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a tag of around US$2,179.

    Here's the leaked price of the iPhone 13 series

    iPhone 13 Mini
    64 GB = 850 US dollars
    128 GB = 927 US dollars
    256 GB = 1,051 US dollars

    iPhone 13
    64 GB = 973 US dollars
    128 GB = 1,051 US dollars
    256 GB = 1,174 US dollars

    iPhone 13 Pro
    128 GB = 1,313 US dollars
    512 GB = 1,622 US dollars
    1 TB = 2,055 US dollars

    iPhone 13 Pro Max
    128 GB = 1,437 US dollars
    512 GB = 1,746 US dollars
    1 TB = 2,179 US dollars

    The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will appear with an internal memory variant of up to 1 TB.

    This price is twice as high as the previous iPhone 12 series.

    Another difference is the notch design which will appear smaller.

    The notch that serves to accommodate the front camera makes the screen to body ratio bigger.

    In the engine section, the iPhone 13 series will be strengthened by the Bionic A15 processor which is claimed to have a better ratio of efficiency and 5G performance.

    There are also improvements in terms of battery, where the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a capacity of 4,352mAh. This capacity is larger than the 3,687mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    The thing that still hasn't changed is the screen size. Like the previous iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 still carries three screen sizes with details of 5.4 inches ( iPhone 13 Mini ), 6.1 inches (iPhone 13 regular and Pro), up to 6.7 inches (iPhone 13 Pro Max).

    Aug 7, 2021

    Leaked Huawei P50 Pro Lunar Vision, Brings A Unique Design On The Back

    Leaked Huawei P50 Pro Lunar Vision, Brings A Unique Design On The Back

    Leaked Huawei P50 Pro Lunar Vision, Brings A Unique Design On The Back

    Technology-Portfolio.Net - The Huawei P50 Pro has five different color variants when it debuted last July. A leaker leaked that there is a special edition that is predicted to be called the Huawei P50 Pro Lunar Vision.

    The image circulating on Weibo shows the Huawei P50 Pro carrying the white color. But not just white, the texture on the back of the body is designed as if it resembles the crater of the Moon.

    This flagship will carry a 3D effect and emphasize a special aesthetic on the back. Apart from the customized design, other specifications are believed to be like the standard Huawei P50 Pro.

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    It is still unknown whether the company also offers the feature or maybe Moon themed wallpapers inside the smartphone or not.

    For information, the Huawei P50 Pro was introduced for the first time by bringing five color variants including Golden Black, Cocoa Gold, Pearl White, Charm Pink, and Rippling Clouds.

    The leaker is still limited to rendering the appearance of the device and has not divulged the price tag.

    The Huawei P50 Pro is priced at 5,988 yuan or US$ 923 for the lowest memory variant (8GB/128GB) with the Snapdragon 888 chipset in China.

    The lowest memory variant (8GB/256GB) for the Kirin 9000 version is priced at 6,488 yuan or US$1000. Huawei P50 Pro is a new flagship from Huawei with a 6.6-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1228 x 2700 pixels.

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    Some of the screen specifications include a 120 Hz refresh rate, support for 1 billion colors, a density of 450 ppi and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.2 percent.

    The device has four rear cameras configured with 50 MP (wide) + 64 MP (periscope telephoto) + 13 MP (ultrawide) + 40 MP (B/W). For information, the Huawei P50 Pro still relies on lenses from Leica.

    The punch-hole on the front is used as a selfie camera with a 13 MP sensor. Moments after the launch, the Huawei P50 Pro was immediately named the flagship HP with the best camera performance version of the DxOMark camera benchmark site.

    The top five positions are occupied by Huawei P50 Pro (144 points), Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (143 points), Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ (139 points), Huawei Mate 40 Pro (136 points), and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (133 points).