11 Hidden Features in Android 11

11 Hidden Features in Android 11

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Technology-Portfolio.net - Google recently launched Android 11, which was not exclusively released for Google Pixel devices.

Android 11 can also be downloaded for OnePlus, Oppo X2, and Reno 3 smartphones through their respective open beta programs.

This latest release focuses on making it easier for you to do important things on your phone, such as managing conversations, connected devices, privacy, and more. To introduce you to it, here are 11 new capabilities that are coming with Android 11.

Google informs that Android 11 will roll out to more partner vendors and smartphones in the next few months. But unfortunately, the technology giant did not reveal the exact date when Android 11 will slide more widely globally.

This latest release focuses on making it easier for users to do various important things on smartphones, such as managing conversations, connected devices, privacy, and more.

For more details, here are 11 hidden Android 11 features that you must know.

The advantages of Android 11

1. Many of us have to frequently switch applications when communicating using text messages. In Android 11, the conversations from the various messaging apps that you have will be provided in a special room in the notification section, so you can manage the conversation more easily. You can also prioritize the conversations of the people who matter most so you don't miss their messages.

2. The balloon feature allows you to seamlessly perform multiple activities at once on your device. Now you can respond to important conversations without having to switch back and forth between the applications you are currently open, including the messaging application.

3. The default setting for screen recording is finally available. Now you can record and share what's happening on your smartphone. Record with the included sound from the microphone, device, or both (no extra app required).

4. You can now access all your smart devices in one place, simply by pressing and holding the power button. Control connected devices such as smart TVs and smart speakers with one tap without having to open multiple applications.

5. The media control design has been updated and now makes it much easier. You can also switch media-playing devices, so you can transfer music from headphones to speakers without missing a single note.

6. Android Auto now works wirelessly for all phones running Android 11, provided you have a compatible vehicle. This way, you can continue to use the best features of your phone without annoying cables while driving, such as activating directions with one tap, having your smartphone send text messages via voice commands, playing your favorite media, and getting help from the Google Assistant.

7. The one-time permission feature allows you to grant one-time access to the device's most sensitive sensor features such as: microphone, camera and location. If in the future you need access to the device sensors again, an app must re-ask you for permission.

8. When it has not been used for a long time, we recommend that an application is not allowed to continue to access data. Now, Android will "auto reset" permissions for long-unused apps and notify you about this. You can always give the app permission again when you want to use it.

9. With the additional Google Play system update module, there will be more security and privacy fixes that can be delivered to your phone immediately from Google Play, in the same way as the app updating process. Once a fix is ​​available, you'll get it without waiting for a full OS update.

10. For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 provides the company-owned devices you use with the privacy protections typically available on personal devices. IT departments can use a set of tools to manage your devices through your work profile, without monitoring any data or activity that you do on your personal profile.

11. If you're using the Pixel 2 or later, you'll get a number of additional tools for organizing and managing your phone, such as app suggestions based on your daily routine. Also new actions that let you select text or an image, or take a screenshot of an app, and so on.

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