Twitter Users Can Now Upload Photos in 4K Resolution and Crop Free

Twitter Users Can Now Upload Photos in 4K Resolution and Crop Free
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Twitter is back with updates for the convenience of its users in social media. After the fleet and the elimination of the bookmark feature, this time the platform with the blue bird logo makes it easy for users to upload images at full size.

Previous Twitter users had to crop (crop) the image they want to upload to a size of 16: 9 or usually it will be done by the system automatically.

This was done with the reason to keep the appearance in the timeline uniform. But now, Twitter has announced that users can upload images at their actual size.

"Introduce a bigger and better image on iOS and Android, now available to all users," wrote Twitter in its official account.

For information, this ability has indeed become one that is requested by users. Because, it is not uncommon for uploaded photos to be cut in size when they appear on the timeline.

High-Quality Images With 4K Resolution

Previously, Twitter also allowed users to upload high-resolution images from iOS and Android devices. Through this update, the image seen can be sharper and more detailed.

Apart from being crop free, Twitter users can also activate the high-quality images feature to view 4K resolution images and high-quality image uploads to tweet 4K quality images.

The Twitter application on the website supports high-resolution images up to 4K (4,096x4,096 pixels). Only for applications, the resolution is limited to a maximum of 2,048 x 2,048 pixels.

Users can also choose whether they want high resolution images to be seen when using cellular and WiFi networks, only when connected to WiFi, or disable both options.

Information From Twitter

"Time to tweet high-resolution images, the option to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS is now available to all users," said Twitter via @TwitterSupport account.

"To start uploading and viewing images in 4K, update your high-quality image preferences in the 'Data usage' section," said Twitter.

Based on the Twitter statement, to activate this feature, users need to enter the "Data Usage" Settings on the Twitter application.

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