May 8, 2021

Google Play Store Will Reveal User Data Taken by Applications

Google Play Store Will Reveal User Data Taken by Applications
Technology-Portfolio.Net - The Google Play Store will display a privacy label containing the user data set recorded in the application. The plan, this label will be present starting next year.

This announcement comes after several months that Apple displays the same privacy label on their App Store app page. Even Google also said that its application will also display recorded data, just like Apple.

According to Google, this is intended to assist users in understanding what data is collected and shared in the application, what effect if the data is secured, to further information regarding privacy and security.

Google will detail some user data that applications can access such as location, contacts, or email addresses. But companies also want to give developers room to explain why that data is being used and what's in it for their apps.

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Later, Google will provide information to users whether the data is encrypted, whether the data complies with Google's policies regarding child-friendly applications, and whether users can choose not to share data.

In addition, the information will also highlight whether a third party has verified the security of the application or can users ask them to delete their data or not.

Developers will begin to be informed of this information in the final quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, the privacy label will begin showing to users in the first quarter of 2022.

This label also applies to new applications or applications that have recently introduced an update. If the app update doesn't show any new information about the data recorded on the label, Google will block the app.