May 12, 2021

Google Will Apply New Rules Regarding App Naming on the Play Store

Google Will Apply New Rules Regarding App Naming on the Play Store
Technology-Portfolio.Net - Google is compiling a list of apps with names and icons that are too long.

This followed the company's desire to make app names and icons more concise and accurate on the Play Store.

This regulation will facilitate the review process for taking screenshots and the video will be available at the end of this year.

Google details the rules, the policy will prohibit application developers from using tricks to get the attention of potential users.

Simply put, the developer should not cheat with non-to-the-point words.

The name of the later application may not use emoji. Except for the brand name, writing in full capital letters is not allowed.

Limited to 30 Characters

Then, the application title will be limited to 30 characters only. Including call-to-action words like 'download now' or 'sale' is not allowed.

This detail is an initial announcement before the company will detail related policies by the end of 2021.

Unmitigated, Google will not explicitly provide space on Google Play for applications that violate these policies.

Developers Need To Prepare Separate Descriptions

Separately, new rules regarding app preview descriptions will take effect from the second half of this year.

However, application and game developers need to prepare descriptions that are simple but contain sufficient information.

"Assets that do not meet our guidelines may not be eligible for promotions and recommendations on major Google Play platforms such as the App and Games homepage," said Google.