Jul 1, 2020

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite Will Be Released Next Year

Rumors of Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite Will Be Released Next Year

Photo: techradar.com

Technology-Portfolio.net - After last year becoming a pioneer with the release of the Galaxy Fold smartphone followed by the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung is ready to release another folding device.

Samsung has prepared a folding device, but that is just the 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Flip, and most likely the Galaxy Fold 2.

Previously, Samsung was expected to release the Galaxy Fold Lite version, but this will be saved for next year. This is because Samsung already has the smartphone option 'Lite', the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition which will be released together with Note 20.

The good news, the price of Fold Lite might be priced cheaper because of the flagship-style specifications 1.5 years before, as well as R&D costs that don't need to be budgeted.

Samsung itself must only have one smartphone option "Lite" or affordable. This is because the type of smartphone Lite relies heavily on the number of purchases. So, Samsung should focus on just one Lite smartphone.

What's more, folding smartphones are far more difficult to produce than conventional smartphones.

However, Samsung is said to have mass-produced Galaxy Fold 2 smartphones, a premium variant of Galaxy Fold. This was revealed by a South Korean media publication.

The successor to the Galaxy Fold smartphone is expected to launch on the market in August 2020. The first information on the smartphone's specifications will probably be announced as soon as next month.

Galaxy Fold 2 is believed to be using the same Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) screen as used in the Galaxy Z Flip.

Different from the previous Fold series, Samsung's second generation folding screen smartphone will be priced cheaper though it is said to be carrying a 120Hz screen.