Will Apple Present Two New Color Options for iPhone XR 2?

Will Apple Present Two New Color Options for iPhone XR 2

Technology-Portfolio.Net - As we know, for the 2018 iPhone model then Apple presents the XR model as a more affordable model. Although this model is not made of premium material, but one of the attractions of this model is the use of colors that are brighter than the iPhone XS and XS Max. If you like such a model, there is good news that Apple might introduce new colors to the successor to this year's iPhone XR.

According to a report from Mac Otakara, they heard the news that the iPhone XR 2 will come in two new color choices that were not available in the XR model last year. This new color will come in the form of Green and Lavender, but it seems that in the process, it can end up replacing the two existing color choices, namely Coral and Blue.

It is not clear why the colors will be replaced, but maybe the sale of the color is not so good, so Apple decided to replace it. The choice of color may seem rather trivial, but the choice of color is actually important and that we can see in the past when Apple launched the rose gold version of the iPhone that seems to be specially made considering the Chinese market.

In addition to the new color choices, the iPhone XR 2 also carries a dual camera setup, which will make smartphones even more attractive because it doesn't need to spend a lot of money to have a dual-camera smartphone from Apple that was only available on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models.

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