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Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 20 Virtually

Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 20 Virtually

Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Note 20 Virtually

Photo: - The Covid-19 pandemic has not yet come to light in various countries. This makes a number of smartphone vendors willing to cancel or delay the launch of the latest gadgets.

However, some companies have also decided to continue launching their newest products via live streaming.

Based on The Korea Herald's report, Samsung confirmed that it would launch the Galaxy Note 20 online or live streaming.

Information, this will be Samsung's first time holding an online event for its product launch.

Previously, the South Korean company held a launch event for the Galaxy Note 10 series in New York City around August 2019.

This year, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Note 20 in the same month, but it will not be held in New York City.

Furthermore, most of these decisions are made based on how big the Samsung product launch event has been in previous years.

The launch of the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Z in February is Samsung's last major product launch and is able to attract 3,000 people from all over the world.

Given the current situation the Covid-19 pandemic has not subsided and its influence in New York City, we can be sure Samsung will not hold events in the city.

The plan, product launch via live streaming is believed to be showing the Galaxy Note 20 series, Note 20 Plus, and the second generation Galaxy Fold.


Full Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra

Full Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra

Full Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra


Technology-Portfolio.Net - Samsung has announced its latest smartphone flagship, the Galaxy S20 series. Three Galaxy S20s released include the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung has also mentioned, increasing the ability of the camera to focus on this Galaxy S20 series.

However, what are the full specifications of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Specifications Galaxy S20

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is the youngest model in the latest Galaxy S series in 2020. This smartphone has a 6.2-inch Quad AM + Dynamic AMOLED screen measuring 6.2 inches. Galaxy S20 supported a 120Hz screen frame rate.

Its small size makes this device comfortable to hold in one hand. Samsung provides three color options for the Galaxy S20, namely Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink.

This device has three main cameras, each of which is ultra-wide 12MP with a wide angle of 120 degrees and f2.2 aperture.

Next there is a 79-degree wide-angle camera with f1.8 aperture. Then, there is a 64MP telephoto camera with 76 degree angle and f2.0 aperture. Then, the Galaxy S20 has a 10MP selfie camera with a wide angle of 80 degrees and f2.2 aperture.

The camera in this device has the ability of Space Zoom, Hybrid Optic Zoom 3x, and Super Resolution Zoom up to 30x.

Galaxy S20 uses Samsung's latest processor, the Exynos 990 with a 7mm octa-core fabrication.

Galaxy S20 released in Indonesia will come with an 8GB RAM option type LPDDR5 which allows very fast power transfers and 128GB of internal memory.

If the storage space is deemed lacking, users can increase memory with a microSD card of up to 1 terabyte.

The Galaxy S20 is supported by a 4,000mAh battery and 25 watt fast charging support.
Specifications Galaxy S20 Plus

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20Plus

Galaxy S20 Plus, has a Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED 2x display area of ​​6.7 inches. This device is also supported with HDR + capabilities and display refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Galaxy S20 Plus has four main cameras. Each of the four cameras is 12MP ultra wide with a 120 degree wide angle and f2.2 aperture.

Then the other cameras are 12MP wide cameras with a wide angle of 7 degrees and f1.8 aperture.

Furthermore, there is a 64MP telephoto camera with a 76 degree wide angle and f2.0 aperture. The last camera is a time of flight that can be used to feature depth vision, space zoom, 3x hybrid optical zoom, and super resolution zoom up to 30x.

The selfie camera is the same as the Galaxy S20, which is a 10MP lens with a wide angle of 80 degrees and aperture of f2.2.

This device runs on Exynos 990 chipset,  8GB and 128GB RAM. If it's lacking, users can add a microSD capacity of up to 1 TB.

Switching to power endurance, the Galaxy S20 Plus is equipped with a 4,500mAh battery and can be charged with fast 25 watt charging.

Samsung provides three color options for the Galaxy S20 Plus, namely Cosmic Gray, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black.
Specifications Galaxy S20 Ultra

Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most flagship series of Galaxy S20 series. This device has a Quad HD + Dynamic AMOLED 2x screen measuring 6.9 inches, HDR10 + support, and 120Hz frame rate support.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra also has four cameras, but with more flagship settings than its two siblings.

The Galaxy S20's main camera is 12MP ultra-wide (120 degrees and f2.2 aperture). Then there is also a 108MP wide angle camera with 79-inch wide angle, and f2.2 aperture.

Another camera provided is a telephoto camera with a 48MP sensor with a width of 24 degrees and f3.5).

The Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera supports Depth Vision, Space Zoom, 10x hybrid optical zoom capabilities.

The capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series camera are also supported by a 40MP selfie with a wide angle of 80 degrees and aperture of f2.2. Galaxy S20 Ultra with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory which can be expanded with a microSD slot up to 1TB.

For batteries, this device is supported by a 5,000mAh capacity with fast charging that supports up to 40 watts. Samsung will provide a choice of colors for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, including Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black.

Features in All Galaxy S20 Series

Galaxy S20 is present in the 5G network for users in various countries.

Even so, this device is actually supported by LTE Cat20 technology which makes download speeds reach 2Gbps.

All three are supported by a 25 watt fast charger. But the Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with support for fast charging up to 45 watts.

Galaxy S20 series is also supported by various sensors. One of them is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which makes the security of the device more guaranteed.

All three are also supported by pattern-based smartphone locking or patterns, biometrics, to face recognition.

This device is also equipped with an IP68 certificate to protect the device from water.

One of the latest camera features in the Galaxy S20 is the single take recording mode. This mode allows users to take 10 photos and 4 videos in one shot.


Samsung is Working on Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite

Samsung is Working on Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite

Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite

Technology-Portfolio.Net - If you want to have a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10, maybe you can wait a little longer. Because, Samsung is reportedly working on Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite.

Samsung has chosen the name Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The model number has been confirmed as SM-N770F but unfortunately, there is no information regarding specifications.

So it is not known what components make it 'Lite'. But it looks like the S Pen will still be there, because after all, it's a Note device.

It is possible that Note 10 Lite will present one camera, the screen is narrower than Note10 and Note 10+, and the battery is smaller too.

It is only a temporary guess for now, maybe the leak will be sticking out in the next few weeks.

Not only Note 10 Lite, the same source claims the S10 Lite cellphone is also being worked on.

The Galaxy S10 Lite is rumored to have a 45W fast charging feature and a Snapdargon 855 chipset, similar to the Galaxy A91.

In addition, it will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage, 48MP main camera, 12MP ultra wide lens and 5MP depth sensor.

The front-facing camera should be 32MP in size. 6.7 inch diagonal screen with Full HD + resolution.

Interestingly enough, the 4,500mAh battery will power the device with support for fast charging 45W.

Just like the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, there is no official leak or teaser from Samsung for the Galaxy S10 Lite at this time. Looks like we have to be more patient.


Samsung Officially Launches Galaxy A90 5G Network With Snapdragon 855

Samsung Officially Launches Galaxy A90 5G Network With Snapdragon 855

Samsung Officially Launches Galaxy A90 5G Network With Snapdragon 855

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Samsung has officially added a 5G cell phone with the launch of the Galaxy A90 5G. This phone is included in the upper middle segment, given the specifications that are similar to the Galaxy S10 line.

The hardware sector for example, the Galaxy A90 is driven by a Snapdragon 855 chip combined with a Snapdragon X50 5G modem. However, the screen design still uses Infinity-U with "U" shaped notch "similar to most types of Samsung phones.

With the Snapdragon 855 5G mobile platform, the Galaxy A90 5G offers a transformative mobile experience, from 5G connectivity to more sophisticated AI capabilities.

The Galaxy A90 is equipped with a 6.7-inch wide screen with Super AMOLED panel and full HD Plus resolution. In the screen embedded fingerprint scanner panel alias in fingerprint display.

Specifications Galaxy A90 5G

In the upper corner of the screen is a single front camera with a 32 megapixel resolution (f / 2.0).

While the back of the Galaxy A90 is made of glass with a design called a "geometric pattern" by combining two colors that are slightly different at the top and bottom of the shell.

Three rear cameras are embedded in the upper left corner with each resolution of 48 megapixels (f / 2.0) for the main camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide (f / 2.2), and 5 megapixel depth sensor (f / 2.2).

Some of Samsung's superior camera features like Super Steady, Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detector complete the rear camera features. While the front camera has a Live Focus mode.

Galaxy A90 is available in two variants of RAM memory namely 6 GB and 8 GB combined with 128 GB internal. Internal memory capacity can still be expanded up to 512 GB with the addition of microSD.

This device runs Android 9 Pie OS. Behind the shell is an embedded 4,500 mAh battery capacity that is supported by a fast charger with a 25W current and a USB C connector.

Samsung also complements the Galaxy A90 5G with Samsung Dex which is usually in the Galaxy Note line. Thus, the Galaxy A90 becomes Samsung's first A series smartphone that carries the Samsung Dex.

There are two colors to choose from namely black and white. Unfortunately, no information has been announced by Samsung. It is likely that this phone will only circulate in a number of countries, considering that 5G connectivity is not yet globally distributed.


These Leaks Reveal Dual-Camera On The Samsung Galaxy M30s

These Leaks Reveal Dual-Camera On The Samsung Galaxy M30s

These Leaks Reveal Dual-Camera On The Samsung Galaxy M30s

Technology-Portfolio.Net - Samsung targets the lower middle segment with the new Galaxy M series smartphone series, and the South Korean company is known to be working on an improved version of the Galaxy M30. Thanks to Geekbench, we know that the device will be called the Galaxy M30s and that it will bring some improvements from the previous model.

From the Geekbench list, the Galaxy M30s will carry the Samsung Exynos 9610 10nm chipset combined with 4GB of RAM. Recently, another leak appeared in the form of a back panel photo from a device called the Galaxy M30s. When compared with the current Galaxy M30, the Galaxy M30s looks to have different camera pieces in the rear, where it is wider but shorter. This can indicate a dual-camera setup, not cameras as in the Galaxy M30.

The Samsung Galaxy M30 comes with an ordinary 13MP resolution camera that has an f / 1.9 aperture, a 5MP ultrawide sensor with an f / 1.9 aperture and a 5MP f / 2.2 field depth sensor. While for the Galaxy M30s it seems that it will lose field depth sensors and will come with two camera sensors.

While for other elements on the panel it looks similar to the Galaxy M30. The SIM tray accommodates two Nano SIMs and a separate microSD card. The bottom has a USB-C plug and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Although not yet certain, but most likely the Galaxy M30s will still carry a 5000 mAh battery which is also supported by 15W charging. The launch will arrive next month in India.


Samsung Galaxy A70, Has a Long Screen 20: 9 and Triple 32MP Camera

Samsung Galaxy A70, Has a Long Screen 20: 9 and Triple 32MP Camera

Samsung Galaxy A70, Has a Long Screen 20: 9 and Triple 32MP Camera

Technology-Portfolio.Net - After Samsung launched several A-series smartphones, now the company finally launched the first smartphone from the A-series that carries a cinematic screen. The Samsung Galaxy A70 has just been launched, where this smartphone offers a 6.7-inch wide screen with an extra high aspect ratio of 20: 9. This is the Infinity-U display that seems long.

The 6.7-inch screen sounds pretty awful, because it's almost the same as a tablet, but calm down because thanks to the aspect ratio of 20: 9, the width of this smartphone is only 76.7mm which is almost the same as the 2018 Galaxy A7 and Galaxy Note 9. Of course navigation uses one hand still possible.

The front camera of this smartphone is 32MP resolution and the rear camera also has a 32MP f / 1.7 sensor. But for the rear camera also features an ultra wide angle 8MP 123 ° module and a 5MP depth sensor. The Galaxy A70 offers fingerprint scanner sensors in the screen as well as facial recognition as a security mechanism.

The Galaxy A70 has a 4,500 mAh battery and interestingly, this smartphone will support 25W fast charging. That is the first Galaxy smartphone to surpass 18W, apart from the Galaxy S10 5G (which is not yet available). This smartphone will come in a choice of 6GB or 8GB RAM with 128GB of internal storage. The card slot can accommodate two SIMs and one microSD (up to 512GB), where this will give you a lot of flexibility.

The operating system that runs this smartphone is the Android 9 Pie with the appearance of the One UI interface that makes various features such as Night Mode and Knox. The Galaxy A70 shares the "3D Glasstic" body with other A series phones. The prism effect will give a visual impression on four color choices, namely Coral, Blue, Black and White.

Unfortunately, the price and availability of the Galaxy A70 is currently not specified by the company, but the company said it will reveal more on the upcoming April 10, 2019.