Jul 1, 2019

WhatsApp Stories Will Connect to Facebook Stories

WhatsApp Status Will Connect to Facebook Stories

Technology-Portfolio.Net - WhatsApp will update the stories on the platform. That update, allows stories on WhatsApp to be seen on other platforms.

This means, now, users can share WhatsApp status directly to Facebook Stories.

WhatsApp uses the IOS and Android data sharing API to link status to one application with another. Thus, the data transfer process occurs between applications that exist in the device.

By sharing that data, users can share Whatsapp stories to several other platforms such as Instagram, Google Picture, Gmail, and so on.

Although shared with other platforms, uploads on Whatsapp and other digital applications will be separate. Both will not be connected. In addition, there will be no options that make Whatsapp status automatically shared with other services.

Whatsapp requires users to decide whether they want to share the status or not to other services.

Keep in mind, this feature update was rolled out by Whatsapp in the Beta version. So, not all users can access it. For those who want to try it, they can update the Whatsapp application first. If you're lucky, you'll get the chance to taste the brand-new feature.

Whatsapp status is a feature similar to Instagram stories. Users can upload short photos and videos that last 24 hours.

Previously, even though there was a direct link to share it with Facebook, so far before there was an update, Whatsapp said that it did nothing to link user accounts with those two different services.

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